Liz Seward

YSL - Pic - Liz SewardI currently work for Airbus Defence and Space in the Business Development team of the Earth Observation, Navigation and Science department, as Head of the Marketing and Communications team. It is a transnational role, with responsibilities and team members in France, Germany and the UK. I started my career as a thermal engineer, working on the meteorological MetOp satellites for EUMETSAT, and creating a thermal model of Mercury when the design of the ESA BepiColombo mission included a lander. After two years I transferred to the future programmes team as a mission systems engineer where I worked on the early design of the ExoMars rover. After a short placement with the BBC, I moved into the area of marketing and communications for my division of Earth Observation, Navigation & Science.

As a graduate I became a STEM ambassador, and then took over the site coordinator role for all STEM activities for several years. As a qualified Mars rover driver I have been to outreach and publicity events with our 1st rover prototype Bridget to promote the UK space industry to the general public. One aspect of my marketing role for Airbus Defence and Space is to raise enthusiasm for science and Earth observation space programmes amongst emerging nations globally – engaging senior government and industry representatives on a regular basis. So far I have represented Airbus space activities at high level conferences and receptions in Europe, USA, China, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.

My involvement with the IAF started when I attended an IAC, and the young professionals programme was invaluable at helping me make contacts with other young professionals and provided access to senior members of the space industry. I am now a vice-chair of the Workforce Development and Young Professionals programme and a member of the Entrepreneurship and Investment Committee. Through these positions I hope I can help to build a stronger space industry.