Ahmed Farid – An IAF Success Story

“No matter where you come from, your dream is valid” Ahmed Farid

“Every job has its excitement part. “Steve McQueen” the director of the Oscar movie “12 years a slave” meant to be just a photographer at the beginning until his movie won an Oscar. I’ve to be honest, working in Space Operations can be just as routine work as every daily work, but for the past 7 years, every time I show my ID to the gate-guards I feel already the excitement. But it doesn’t stop just there, apart from being at work, I also think of how to develop continually. After some years working for Space Operation, I became separately part of the International Astronautical Federation as a member of the young professional Committee, later on, became the Co-Chairman of the African regional group,

March 2016 received my first award of the federation for the distinguish work I gave as the Federation mentioned while receiving the award in Paris.

One of the most important moments that I can’t forget is STS-135 Atlantis the last Space Shuttle that was 2011. I was on Operations during the whole mission period. That’s a historical moment for all human being. Since the Shuttle Program shut down after getting Nile Armstrong to land on the moon. Dr. Farouk El-Baz is the mission planner of the moon landing. As he was part of the planning scientific NASA team.

Also one of the excitement moment 2012, when I was the Increment lead of my position, during ISS (International Space Station) Expedition 30, serving with the European Astronaut Anderé Kuipers and the American Astronaut, Donald Pettit. For the Astronaut is a dream.

2016 I became an Astronaut Scientist Candidate; Donald Pettit was one of my Lecturers during my training in Florida, 2016.

My dream is way bigger than me but it’s getting the strength of realization by the power of the universe. For the time being, I did something that made people present their best selves to me wherever I go.

I did apply for the PoSSUM Program not to just become an Astronaut. The Program is focused on the Climate change, which is on the spot serious issue subject affects the existence of the human being. Humans have done enough to screw the nature of the Planet earth. Analyzing the mesosphere layer is to understand the amount of the increasing risk on a daily basis.

 Apart from that, my current space engineering model “SWEET” is also related to water in less developed countries. Just to let you understand, that it’s not just a title or just being under the spot-lights, it means personally much more than just being an Astronaut candidate.

felt joyful to indirectly help my dad while he was on physiotherapy machine for his back pain after I discovered that this machine was developed of the International Space Station. Being part of the Ground Space Operations has facilitated to develop this machine that helped my dad and others

Becoming an Astronaut is something outstanding, but why do people want to become Astronauts is the unique individually significates each person. Ancients Egyptians are the first who discovered Astronomy; I’m just continuing the science journey that has started couple of thousand years ago. I’m always glad to help for the better world, but, point is, if you want to make something happening, don’t wait for help.

My aim in life is to deliver a message that could help others, “you’ve got a dream; you’ve got to protect it. You don’t have a dream, get yourself one.

I’m exhilarating the young energy of people. I think a misconception of people have about their energy. And the reason why I’m here at the IAF, is to create a think tank with other amazing thinkers and let us bounce ideas.

My experience after being in 25 countries and exchange knowledge familiarities of how live is functioning, I came out with the fact I always mention.

“No matter where you come from, your dream is valid. Prepare yourself for the Good luck. My plan is not to become the best scientist of the best Astronaut, it’s just to take a perspective that I have the energy that we have created on the street among the young motivated people and also the non-motivated people, and then apply that to create the new era of Generation. You have to believe that something different will happen

I absolutely feel that there are certain gifts and certain talents that God has blessed me with, it would be spiritual criminal to only use to make money.

Picasso is dead, Steve jobs is dead Walt Disney is dead, and Omar Sharif is dead. The world is waiting for the gab to be fulfilled… I get a lot of back-flash for comparing myself to every successful person, just name it and I’ll tell you, how I imagined myself being him. John Nash, Well Smith, Nelson Mandela, Al-Sadat, Mohammed Ali and Kennedy. I take one part that can match me of each personality and I keep this part as the borders of my aura.

God gave me everything that I wanted and now I want to take a piece of that Joy that I’m feeling and give it back to the people that I’ve helped make that happen for me.”