Bénédicte Escudier

Bénédicte Escudier Photo

A graduate of SUPAERO (1979), passionate about Aerospace Engineering and Teaching, Bénédicte Escudier has been involved in the development of Space activities at SUPAERO after working for three years in the private sector as Head of Mission Performances and Attitude Control Simulation for a military Earth observation satellite project.

First women as Professor at SUPAERO, she reached rapidly the head of Space department of SUPAERO, and she has developed and supervised all Space-related courses in Space System Engineering and Space Science at ISAE-SUPAERO. She has also created and managed Post-Graduate Programs (TAS Astro). She has also contributed to international programs (Erasmus Mundus, SEEDS…) through European and Worldwide Partnerships.

More broadly, Bénédicte, especially at the head of International Affairs, participated to the strengthen of the international influence of SUPAERO and ISAE, creating opportunities for students to access US universities, ESA and NASA Programs since the 80s, by increasing the number of exchange students (over 130 incoming and outgoing students every year for engineering courses) through bilateral partnerships (especially double degree agreements). She also developed exchange programs and research opportunities with Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, China… And many other countries in the world.

Most of French Engineers, Managers and Experts in the field of Space Engineering have attended Bénédicte’s Courses during the last 30 years. She is very well known and respected in the domain, and her network is highly profitable for ISAE-SUPAERO and more especially students from the institution.