Nobu Okada

Mr. Nobu Okada founded ASTROSCALE PTE. LTD. in Singapore in 2013 to address growing threat of space debris by incubating removal technologies while arousing a passion for space exploration among ordinary citizens. Prior to this, he managed IT companies in Japan, China, India and Singapore, one of which had a successful IPO. Before joining IT industry, Nobu worked for McKinsey & Company and the Japanese Ministry of Finance. Nobu received his Bachelors degree in Genetics from University of Tokyo in 1995 and an MBA in Krannert School of Business, Purdue University in 2001.

ASTROSCALE is a Singapore-based private space company, which mission is to actively tackle space debris issues by engineering active debris removal (ADR) and on-orbit servicing (OOS) solutions, while raising public awareness to space environmental issues.

Astroscale Headquarters is based in downtown Singapore. The company has set up a subsidiary in Tokyo (Japan) to operate its first manufacturing plant, which has been inaugurated in April 2015.