Ms. Olga S. Stelmakh is a Senior Legal Adviser to the Parliament of Ukraine and a Legal Counsel at the International Center for Space Law. She also works at the Cai & Lenard Law Firm based in Kiev where she practices in the areas of corporate, commercial, investment and arbitration law. Prior to that, she was with Space Administration of the German Aerospace Center and the National Space Agency of Ukraine. She had interned at the European Space Agency and the Supreme Economic Court of Ukraine.

Ms. Stelmakh is a graduate from the Doctoral School to the Institute of State and Law, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and holds an LL.M. degree from the Kiev National University of Trade and Economics and from the Institute of Space and Telecommunications Law, University of Paris 11. Additionally she earned two master degrees in Business Administration and in Finance. She has completed an advanced Space Law and Policy programme at the European Center for Space Law and Space Studies Program at the International Space University. She has also been a Teaching Associate for the International Space University.
Through 10 years of working in the space sector, Ms. Stelmakh has gained extensive expertise in the fields of international law, policy, diplomacy and international relations.

It is her view that more attention should be paid to an issue of the international legal regime for security of the outer space activities. Within her papers she emphasises the importance of the TCBM, STM, space debris mitigation measures and collision avoidance aimed at ensuring the long-term sustainability of the outer space activities. Preventive measures, comprehensive cooperation and responsible character of all space actors are, in her opinion, the key elements of security.

Ms. Stelmakh is a member of the International Institute for Space Law, Ukrainian Bar Association and a diverse range of international commercial arbitration associations. She has written a number of articles on the international public law with focus on space security and environmental law issues. Currently she is co-authoring the Encyclopaedia of International Law to be published by the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.


Olga at the IAC 2013 in Beijing, China.