GLEX2017 Technical Visits

GLEX2017 is co-organised by the Chinese Society of Astronautics (CSA) who arranged exclusive technical visits to show and share with the world China’s space Achievements:

1. China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology (CALT)

The China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology (CALT) was established on 16th NOV. 1957. It is the largest space launch vehicle manufacturer in China and also the birthplace of China aerospace. Famous scientist Qian Xuesen was the founding president.

Over the past fifty-six years, CALT has undergone a rapid development with the hard work of generations of aerospace researchers. And now it has gradually formed a scientific research and production structure with the capabilities of multi-model development and batch production. There are 18 subordinate enterprises and institutions, 2 wholly-owned subsidiaries, 3 holding companies, 1 Hong Kong listed company and some share companies in CALT. Nowadays, CALT has 30 000 employees, including 8 academicians and 8 national young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contribution. There are 16 candidates gained the honor of Millions of New Century Talents Project National Candidate and 488 employees received government special subsidies.

CALT plays an important role in the 3 milestones of China aerospace industry: LM-1 launch vehicle successfully launched the first man-made satellite of China, which means the opening of China aerospace industry; LM-2F launch vehicle makes a success of launching spaceship 10 times continuously which realizes the Chinese aspiring dream; LM-3A launch vehicle launched Chang’e lunar exploration satellite, which means the beginning of the deep-space exploration.


2. China Academy of Space Technology (CAST)

China Academy of Space Technology (CAST) dedicates to the exploration of space. The mission of CAST is to apply the most advanced space technology into mankind’s benefits.

Since the establishment in 1968, with more than 27 000 employees (average age of 35 years old) by 2015, CAST has become one of the world-class spacecraft designers and manufacturers, providing full range of integrated space-ground system solutions for global customers.

Besides the delivery of all kinds of spacecrafts from system level to equipment & component level, covering Telecommunications, Remote Sensing, Navigation, Human Spaceflight and Space Science Exploration. CAST also provides DC/AITC for spacecraft, satellite ground applications and customer-oriented service including training as well as orbit & frequency consulting.

CAST would always pursue being:

  1. Professional in system engineering, project management, spacecraft manufacturing & AIT, applications and service with the support from highly qualified experts
  2. Reliable for worldwide customers as the prime contractor of nearly 200 spacecrafts in which nearly 110 spacecrafts are working in orbit by 2015
  3. Open to the world, sharing our space technology and experience with global partners in full dimension collaborations
  4. Promising to adhere to the leading-edge technology and promote sustainable development of space infrastructures

Introduction of the Exhibition Center of CAST

Welcome to the exhibition center of CAST. At here, you will see the major achievements of CAST in 48 years since its establishment in 1968. It is comprised of three areas, application satellite in your left, human space program in the middle, and deep space exploration program in your right, the exhibition mainly include 13 models as follows:


1.           DFH-1


2.           DFH-3


3.           DFH-4


4.           Recoverable Satellite


5.           High Resolution Ground Observation System


6.           China-Brazil Earth Resources Satellite (CBERS)


7.           Beidou Satellite Navigation System


8.           FY-2


9.           Small Satellite


10.         HY-1B


11.         Ground-to-Space Integrated Satellite Application


12.         China’s Lunar Exploration Program (CLEP)


13.         Shenzhou-8 Return Capsule


3. Tianjin industrial park, China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology

CALT Tianjin industrial park is located in Tianjin Binhai New Area, which takes about 2500 acres in total, and it is the largest off-site regional capacity-building projects since the establishment of CALT (1957). Tianjin industrial park takes the development of the new-generation launch vehicle as the traction, taking the relationships between the R&D and mass production, recent requirements and long-term developments, systems integrations and coordinated developments into extensive account, to build a fully functional and sui generis industrialization base which is able to meet the demands of the R&D and mass production of the new-generation launch vehicles. The main purpose of the industrialization base in Tianjin industrial park is to maintain and promote the development ability of the new-generation launch vehicles, including CZ-5 and CZ-7.

Technical Site Visits


9th June, 2017


Route A

09:00            Depart from BICC

10:00-11:00   Visit CALT

11:00-12:00    Return to BICC


Route B

09:00           Depart from BICC

10:00-11:00   Visit CAST

11:00-12:00   Return to BICC


Route C

08:30-11:30   Depart from BICC

11:30-12:30   Lunch

12:30-13:30   Visit Industrialization Base of New Generation Launch Vehicles

13:30-15:00  Return to BICC