Committee on Space Security (2018-2021)

Objective/Scope of the Committee

The Space Security Committee will focus on issues and activities that enhance or threaten the long term sustainability of space activities.

The committee will:

  • Assess and report on space debris, on natural hazards to the space environment, and other threats that may reduce humankind’s ability to work in space effectively;
  • Assess and report on activities that can enhance humankind’s ability to work in space effectively;
  • Promote international cooperative activities in securing outer space for current and future space activities.
  • Coordinate its activities with other relevant IAF Committees and Working Groups as well as those of the IAA and IISL
  • Identify areas for future studies and projects that would improve the long term sustainability of space activities.
  • Provide inputs to the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space and to non-governmental organizations focused on space activities.
  • To organise, as appropriate, Symposia and Workshops on space safety and security to be held under the auspices of the IAF.


Committee Members


Plattard, Serge


Faucher, Pascal


Giannopapa, Christina


Aceti, Roberto
Ailor, William
Airaud, Julien
Crowther, Richard
del Monte, Luca
Granier, Amélie
Hertzfeld, Henry
Jah, Moriba
Johnson, Chris
Lods, Pierre
Logsdon, John
Lu, Zhuoyan
Lukaszczyk, Agnieszka
Martinez, Peter
Mathieu, Charlotte
Moranta, Sebastien
Nader, Ronnie
Nassisi, Annamaria
Pace, Scott
Peter, Nicolas
Robinson, Jana
Samson, Victoria
Schrogl, Kai-Uwe
Simpson, Michael
Singh, Gurbir
Steinberg, Klaus
Stubbe, Peter
Wan, Stephanie
Weeden, Brian
Wilson, Krystal
Zatti, Stefano
Zhang, Shengjun
Zhang, Zhenjun


Adriaensen, Maarten
Antoni, Ntorina
Le May, Samantha
Steer, Cassandra


Kusnierkiewicz, David Y.

Committee Members