Finance Committee (2015-2018)

Objective/Scope of the Committee

The Finance Committee advises the IAF President and Bureau on matters pertaining to the financial affairs of the Federation. The Committee reviews the IAF’s financial statements and investments and provides recommendations, as appropriate, to the Executive Director, President and Bureau.

The Committee prepares and submits a report on the financial status of the Federation which is submitted for consideration at each Bureau meeting. The IAF Constitution provides that the Vice President – Financial Matters shall serve as Finance Committee Chair.

In carrying out his/her responsibilities, the Chair may designate one or more members of the Finance Committee (individuals who are experts in financial and accounting matters) to assist in providing periodic oversight of financial affairs of the Federation.

Committee rules for membership applications and renewal


Studies undertaken by the Committee

A review of liquid investments has been a subject of discussion for some time within the committee.

Other Committee activities

bi-annual meetings.

Committee Members


Mowry, Clay


Kendall, David
Kolar, Jan
Molette, Pierre
Ortner, Johannes
Perino, Maria Antonietta
von Harpe, Michael


Le Gall, Jean-Yves
Feichtinger, Christian