Knowledge Management for Space Organisations (KMTC) (2018-2021)

Objective/Scope of the Committee

The IAF Knowledge Management Technical Committee (KMTC) seeks to:

  • Promote and facilitate discussions for knowledge capture/sharing amongst organisations and industries conducting space-related activities
  • Promote the adoption or sharing of standards, methods, processes and tools for easing sharing of data, information, and knowledge related to space missions
  • Coordinate with the IAA Knowledge Management for Space Missions Study Group to operationalise recommendations as appropriate within member organisations

Symposiums/Sessions at the IAC

Within the “Symposium on Safety and Quality in Space Activities” , the KMTC organises yearly in the frame of the IAC, the session under the title “Knowledge Management and Collaboration in Space Activities”, where the state-of-the-art and best practices in Knowledge Management worldwide is presented.

Technical meetings or events outside of the IAC

On a regular basis, this Committee organises the International Conference on Managing Knowledge for Space Missions, which has already taken place in Washington, Darmstadt and Toulouse. The next conference will be organised by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California and is planned for mid-June 2013.

Studies undertaken by the Committee

The Co-Chairs of this TC, supported by other work fellows issued in 2010 the paper “Enabling Knowledge Sharing Across Organisations”, which would give some insight for the creation of a high-level taxonomy and governance that would provide a basis for easy knowledge sharing amongst aerospace organisations, academia, and government agencies.

Other committee activities

This committee is running the Google Group “Knowledge Management for Space” for a continuous collaboration and discussion. It is open to anyone interested.

Committee Members


Roberta Mugellesi-Dow


Roger Forsgren
Daniel Galarreta
Uwe Knodt
Munetaka Ueno


Lionel Baize
Gianluigi Baldesi
Larisa Beach
Bettina Böhm
Michael Canga
Joon-Min Choi
Patrick Hambloch
Birgit Hartman
Cathy Hoenig
Edward J. Hoffman
Ozan Kara
Jan Kolar
Michal Kunes
Eric Laliberté
Hugo Marée
Stephen Markgraf
Sias Mostert
Takashi Ohtani
Maria-Gabriella Sarah
Gerhard Schwehm
Ruediger Suess
James V. Zimmerman