Space Astronomy Technical Committee (SATC) (2018-2021)

Objective/Scope of the Committee

The Space Astronomy Technical Committee will be composed of members of the scientific community, space industry and space agencies. The committee shall work in cooperation with COSPAR who will be invited to nominate candidates for membership.

The committee’s activities shall include all areas (technical, scientific and programmatic) of space astronomy and in particular serve as a forum for exchange of information and interaction between the scientific community, space industry and space agencies involved in the preparation and the future development of new astronomy missions. Therefore, the SATC action will cover the very early phases of mission conception, before even missions are actually proposed to the Agencies for assessment. As such, the SATC role will come up-front and will be to a large extent complementary to the current work that is achieved by the Agencies. Its principal intended role will be to enable or improve the emergence of new science mission concepts.

The main aims of the committee will be to:

  • exchange information on advances in space astronomy from current and prospective missions with emphasis on monitoring and assessing progress in new technology developments for future missions;
  • assess the associated programmatic requirements;
  • organise symposia in odd years for the discussion and publication of ideas and results on topics of relevance in particular to the impact and the future needs of astronomy missions in space technology;
  • provide a point of contact for national and international bodies.


Committee Members


Ubertini, Pietro


Wille, Eric


Christian, Carol
Court, Andrew
Elsperman, Michael S.
Falvella, Maria Cristina
Foing, Bernard
Gasparrini, Tim D.
Hartman, Colleen N.
Juillet, Jean-Jacques
Krishnamurthy, Akshata
Medina Tanco, Gustavo
Nakagawa, Takao
Rochus, Pierre
Roser, Xavier
Sherwood, Brent
Stuffler, Timo
Summerer, Leopold
van der Togt, Oana
van Zyl, Jakob


Benvenuti, Piero
Levasseur, Anny-Chantal





Committee Members