Student Activities Subcommittee (2015-2018)

Objective/Scope of the Committee

The purpose of the Committee is to call for students papers for the International Astronautical Congress and compose two student Conferences with the best technical papers.

Undergraduate and graduate level students (no more than 28 years of age) present papers on any subject related to space siences, industry or technology. These papers will represent the work of the author(s) (no more than two students).

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Committee Members


Bernelli-Zazzera, Franco
Schmidt, Marco


Amekrane, Rachid


Escudier, Benedicte
Jaime, Andrea
Lee, Jeong-Won
Knowles, Carolyn
Mathers, Naomi
Snitch, Thomas
Welch, Chris
Yi, Soyeon
Zenou, Emmanuel


Snitch, Thomas


Boisard, Olivier
Brudieu, Patrice
Holland, Felicity
Holze, Carsten
Lala, Petr
Malyshev, Veniamin V.
Moses, Roger T.
Ockels, Wubbo J.
Stancato, Fernando
Yang, Shih-Ming