Congratulations to the IAF Distinguished Service Award 2017 recipients!

The IAF is pleased to announce the award recipients of the Distinguished Service Award 2017.

The IAF Distinguished Service Award is intended to reward active volunteers for their contributions to the progress of astronautics and the Federation.


IAF Distinguished Service Award 2017:

Antonio Viviani

For his contribution to Microgravity sciences and processes Committee affairs and Microgravity Symposia organizing for already more than 20 years.





Carolyn Knowles

For being a valuable member of SEOC since 2012. As Vice-Chair Outreach, she has been an invaluable member of the committee and liaison with the International Space Education Board (ISEB). Each year Carolyn supports the delivery of the IAF Student Program, the Teacher Professional Development Program and local outreach activities. Carolyn is a member of the SEOC Student Competition subcommittee and contributes to the smooth operation of the E1 Symposium through Chairing sessions and reviewing abstracts.


Chong Yean Joo Augustine

For his outstanding services to IAF, his continuous support for IAF Earth Observation
Committee, and his unwavering commitment to innovation and technology development.






Frank Friedlaender

For more than 20 years’ service to space education, outreach and future workforce





Jim Zimmermann

In recognition of James Zimmerman’s many years of dedicated and thoughtful service to enhance and strengthen the International Astronautical Federation including his exemplary Presidency of the Federation focusing on the growth of the Federation through new memberships and young people of the Next Generation.




Orna Marie Orshan

For Orna’s extraordinary dedication and commitment, in service of the Federation, in various functions and roles; as the first representative of the Israel Space Agency membership in several leading IAF Committees. With outstanding professionalism, talent, innovation, creativity and personal determination and devotion, overcoming many setback and obstacles, Orna brought the IAF-IAC-2015 to Jerusalem, Israel. The IAFIAC-2015 Congress in Jerusalem contributed much to Israel’s status within the global space community, highlighting Israel’s scientific capabilities as a start-up nation.
* Orna Marie Orshan sadly passed away.


Suszann Parry

For her enthusiasm, energy and competences to serve IAF as volunteer and member of the CSAC contributing year after year to the best choice of location for the International Astronautical Congress.




Martin Sweeting

A pioneer in promoting and building small inexpensive satellites, founder of Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd (SSTL), one of the « Top Ten Great Britons » in 2008, while he successfully worked at changing the economics in space science and applications, Sir Martin Sweeting, along all these years, showed his commendable dedication to IAF by a very active participation in its congresses and committees, in particular in his capacity of
Chairman of the Honours and Awards Committee which he led with a remarkable sense of the value it should bring both to the awardees and to the IAF.