4th SpaceLand Forum

Sustainable progress and socio-economic development imply research… and research implies creativity: techno-science research programs in weightlessness and Mars-gravity / Moon-gravity, such as the SpaceLand ones focused on the hand-on involvement of elderly, kids and disabled, generate unique opportunities both for business and socio-economic development.
Microgravity and low-gravity environments can provide unprecedented conditions and capacities for state-of-the-art
pharmaceutical, biomedical and material sciences research, as well as multi-disciplinary technology innovation opportunities for new human-rated and robotic systems, especially for critical and/or tele-controlled and/or automated applications and spin-off’s in remote, hostile or harsh environments.
This approach also fosters both education and commercially-driven research leading to new products and services for the 21st century markets, generating new skills and labour-intense jobs to benefit the whole society, with emphasis on involving the weak social classes.
This is the context for the 4th SpaceLand Forum, endorsed by several top-level institutions such as the International Astronautical Federation “IAF”, planned for the 13th to the 15th December 2018 in the beautiful main island of Mauritius; the event is attached to, and in synergy with, the second African Space Generation workshop. It follows on the success of previous events carried out with the participation and the endorsement of the V-President of the European Commission and several other international institutions (e.g. https://www.asi.it/it/eventi/convegni/spaceland-expo-congress).
The Forum, followed by an original networking night-meal on one of the most beautiful beaches of the planet, will bring together stakeholders, investors, scientists and techno-science industry to examine, consider and collaboratively stimulate with international students, at all level, and young professionals a myriad interdisciplinary perspectives on space and microgravity-related techno-scientific matters, especially for the sustainable development of African and Asian regions.
Space Policies, Business and Entrepreneurship, Space outreach and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and
Medicine), United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Capacity-Building programs for Africa and the Indian Ocean, starting from the SpaceLand Centers planned in the area, will be among the main topics of the event.
Recommendations to relevant public, private and non-governmental sectors will be made, helping to shape the future of the African and Indian Ocean-facing Countries, also to forward proposals to the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (U.N. COPUOS), in primis for microgravity STEAM disciplines; details on the involvement of both the above players and the young generations in the Mars-habitat-looking SpaceLand Center being built will also be provided, updating the multimedia presentation given at the U.N. – UAE High-Level Forum in November 2017 by the Head of State and Doct. Carlo Viberti, President of SpaceLand and NASA/ESA Zero-Gravity Research Flight Veteran (see https://youtu.be/2RthuFMcdfg )


Set the date for 13-15 December 2018: welcome to Mauritius, your first SpaceLand !

Applications via email to SpaceLand@SpaceLand.it