Control Systems Design and Analysis



Institute of Space Technology, Islamabad Offers Intensive workshop/ course in collaboration with University of Arkansas, Little Rock, USA





This intensive workshop/ course about ‘Control Systems Design and Analysis’ describe the time-domain system characteristics based on differential equations. This focuses on the compensator design for continuous-time linear time-invariant systems. In addition to controller synthesis by pole-placement method, it will cover the optimum design using LQR methods, and linear matrix inequality based control design. The course illustrates the use of state-space methods in system analysis and design using real-world application examples drawn from aerospace, electrical, mechanical and mechatronics systems such as spacecraft, aircraft, ground/ marine and dynamic systems.

Primary Topics:

  • State-space models of LTI systems.
  • Solution to state equations.
  • Linear transformations.
  • Controllability and observability characteristics of state-space models.
  • Stability analysis and Controller synthesis via state feedback.
  • Tracking system design.
  • Observer-based compensator design.
  • Optimal control design using quadratic integral performance criterion, optimal observers, & linear matrix inequalities in controller synthesis.
  • Engineering Application in space/ aerospace/ ground/ marine systems.

Principle Speaker and Chief Coordinator:

  • Professor Kamran Iqbal (UoA) has obtained his PhD and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering from the Ohio State University and BE degree in Avionics Engineering from NUST-CAE. He has held several academic positions NUST, GIKI, Ohio State University, Northwestern University, UC-Riverside, CSU-Fullerton and University of Arkansas, Little Rock.  His research interests include control and dynamic systems and computational intelligence,
  • Professor Zaffar M. Khan (IST) has obtained his Postdoc, PhD, MS in aerospace engineering focusing on Composite Materials and Smart Structure in collaboration with British Aerospace, Aerospatiale and NASA and has held academic/ research positions at Iowa State University, Salford University, NUST, NESCOM (AWC) and is presently Professor and Director General (Research, Innovation and Commercialization) at Institute of Space Technology,

Who should attend?

This course will be held for graduate students in electrical, mechanical, and aeronautical engineering, as well as practicing engineers at serene environments of IST. Course participants will be expected to have taken a basic course in control systems engineering and possess a strong background in linear algebraic methods.