ISPRS 2016

Call for the Space Agency Forum at the 2016 ISPRS Congress


The International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing hereby launches a Call for Papers for the First ISPRS Space Agency Forum.

The ISPRS Congress is the most important ISPRS meeting organized in “Olympic” years. Each Congress is a meeting of several thousands of specialists and scientists on the same place and within the same week. The congresses attract participants from all over the world. They are focused in fact on a large range of topics from photogrammetry, remote sensing and spatial sciences. ISPRS has created a platform for specialists from very different areas. It is a logical result of our branches. Products from one group can be applied by the others.

Space Agencies, as providers of the most up-to-date spatial data of the Earth,  form indispensable co-operators for the large community of remote sensing and spatial information science specialists. They are thus vital to ISPRS, which can be witnessed by many years of successful common activities. As a result, ISPRS invites Space Agencies worldwide to join the next Congress in the form of a two day meeting, to be known as the ISPRS Space Agency Forum. This Forum will be organized as an integral part of the Congress, and in parallel with the National Mapping and Cadastral Agency Forum.

Authors from Space Agencies are encouraged to submit papers focused on topics that include, but are not restricted to: missions and data systems, 3D data, remote sensing for new applications (new spatial, spectral, temporal, radiometric and polarization measurements), big data, data policy in data archiving and delivery, etc. Remote sensing data have become an indispensible actual source of data for many areas in the human life. We are living on the Earth and we should know what is going on it. Therefore remote sensing data have become a matter of analyses, research and applications of many branches, which are included in topics of many ISPRS members. It can start with applications in the environmental modelling in the air, water vegetation, soil and geology parts, with analysing of agriculture, forest and urban areas. Quick and repeatable remotely measured response of the “earth” objects allows to use the data for disaster monitoring. Disaster monitoring is one of very important applications of the world and ISPRS as it has been highlighted by many ISPRS workshops.

One session of the Forum will be a joint session between the National Mapping and Cadastral Agencies and the Space Agencies. It will be focussed on two questions:

  1. What are the plans of Space Agencies in the sphere of providing support to Mapping Agencies, and how can this cooperation be strengthened?
  2. How do National Mapping and Cadastral Agencies currently use, or could potentially use, satellite remote sensing data, what would they like to see improved

National Mapping Agencies form an important group of ISPRS event participants. They – in many cases – represent their countries as ISPRS Ordinary Members. Purpose of their existence – topographic and cadastre mapping of their countries – joins remote sensing, photogrammetry and GIS both by their data, and system of work. Therefore ISPRS hopes that such joint meeting of Space and Mapping and Cadastral Agencies can enable all of them to present and discuss new issues of the way of cooperation.

Authors can submit their papers within the Congress Call for Paper.

Reviews will be undertaken as part of the review process of the Congress Abstracts and Full Papers, and subject to the same deadlines.

The Forum will be an integral part of the programme of the 2016 ISPRS Congress, and will be held on 14 – 15 July 2016. More information about the ISPRS Congress can be found at

Registration for both the XXIII ISPRS Congress and the National Mapping and Cadastral Agency Forum will open on 15 July 2015.



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