Space for More Effective Agriculture and Maritime

Location: Conference Room 4th floor Radisson Montevideo Victoria Plaza Hotel

Tuesday 22 May 2018, 09:45 – 11:00


How can many different types of advanced technology be successfully employed to generate more productive and more environmentally conscious returns in the farming and maritime arenas?  Given the world’s growing population and concomitant demands for more food, how can we use space based assets to contribute to a viable, cost-effective and socially responsible solutions set?
Over the past ten years, high resolution imagery has gone from a specialized product used primarily by governments to a commodity.  Advances in the imagery field benefit both farmers and fishermen.   For example, data extracted from an image of an agriculture field can be used to increase the harvest while minimizing environmental concerns, such as nitrogen and phosphorus run-off.
Advances in technology together with the boom of Internet of Things have also made ground sensors more accessible. Can we create hybrid technology solutions that combine sensors, ground based networks and satellite constellations to monitor agriculture, farming, and maritime?




Victoria Alonsopérez

Digital Innovation Lead
Airbus Defence and Space








Jairo Becerra

Director of the Socio-legal Research Centre
Catholic University of Colombia







Gustavo Crespi

Lead Specialist, Competitiveness and  Innovation Division
Inter-American Development Bank






Christina Giannopapa

Head of Political Affairs Office
European Space Agency (ESA)





Guadalupe Tiscornia

National Institute of Agriculture Research (INIA)