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The GLEX 2020 Call for Abstracts is open! Abstracts must be submitted online on the IAF Restricted Area by 31 January 2020.

GLEX 2020 are soliciting abstracts on 12 topics:

  1. International Cooperation for Space Exploration
    • International coordination of scientific and technical objectives (ISECG; COSPAR;..), International Missions, Sharing of Scientific Mission Data, etc.;
  2. Lunar Exploration
    • Robotic missions; Human missions; Moon Village; Outposts and Bases; Lunar orbital infrastructure;
  3. Mars Exploration
    • Current missions; Mars sample return; Missions to Phobos/Diemos; Human missions;
  4. Exploration of Near-Earth Asteroids
    • Robotic missions; Human missions; Planetary Defense;
  5. Exploration of Other Destinations
    • Mercury missions; Venus missions; Outer Planet missions; Finding planets around other stars; Astronomy;
  6. Space Transportation
    • New propulsion systems; Commercial lunar landers; etc.;
  7. Key Technologies
    • EDL; Robotics; GNC; Advanced Vision Systems; Radiation Robustness; Thermal technologies (RTG’s, Loop Heat Pipes); Dust mitigation; etc.;
  8. Challenges of Life Support/Medical Support for Human Missions
    • Life support; Medical care; Crew Selection/Training; etc.;
  9. Space Stations
    • Supporting exploration via the ISS; Gateway; Other space stations current and planned;
  10. Space Resources
    • Lunar Oxygen/Water extraction; Mineral exploration; Helium-3; Fuel production on Moon/Mars/Asteroids; Other In-situ resource use;
  11. Ground-Based Preparatory Activities
    • Analogue missions and deployments; Technology demonstrations; Simulations; Test facilities;
  12. Transcending Societal Issues for Space Exploration
    • Legal issues/models/regimes; Public awareness and education; New commercial industrial models to enable space exploration; Governance of future stations/outposts/bases; Policy issues; etc.;



Call for Papers opens – October 10
Call for Papers closes – January 31
Conference Dates – September 1-3






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