Rafael’s Microsatellites Enhanced Capabilities Utilizing Electric Propulsion Systems


Wednesday 14 October 14:30 – 15:30

Small Dulzin Hall




The panel will offer advice for young professionals looking to enter or advance within the space industry, drawing from the personal experiences of senior leaders in the field. The discussion will focus on creative ways to gain insight and experience, while learning how to identify opportunities for advancement.

Specific questions will be posed to each panellist relevant to their background in the space sector.
Questions posed to the panellists include:

  • In your experience what are the benefits of pursing an entry-level job at a space company vs. a more specialized role in an unrelated field to gain experience that I can later transfer into the space sector?
  • Apart from skills related to the job, what characteristics do you think prospective employers look for in candidates?
  • How do I find and keep a mentor/mentee relationship and when is it okay to “mentor up”?


Organized by:

Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC)
Airbus Defence and Space
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Chair of Executive Board
Foing Bernard Foing
ESTEC Staff Association Committee
YSL - Pic - Liz Seward Elizabeth Seward
Head of Marketing
Earth Observation, Navigation & Science
Airbus Defence and Space
stube_k_059adc Kevin Stube
Advisory Board
The Planetary Society
SGAC-Giampietro Tonoli Giampiero Tonoli
Space Generation Advisory Council; MSc Thesis Fellow
Airbus Defense & Space


SGAC_Jillianne Pierce Jillianne Pierce
Space Generation Advisory Council
Government Affairs Associate
Space Foundation