Space Mining – Law, Politics, Perspectives

Thursday 28 September 2017, 10:30 – 11:30

Location: Adelaide Convention Center – Hall D


The rapid development of technology opens new horizons for the exploration and use of outer space. What seemed to be futuristic and science fiction only a few years ago has become a tangible option: the exploration and use of resources of celestial bodies. Despite the considerable technical challenges still ahead, this new type of space activity has already attracted the interest of businesses and investors. It is inspiring scientists, engineers, and politicians.

On the other hand, legal and political concerns are also emerging. Should it be allowed to exploit resources of celestial bodies? Are space resources limited natural resources, or does the abundance and limitlessness of outer space appear this concept to be inappropriate and inapplicable? Should there by a distinction between more or less limited resources, such as water on the Moon and metals or gases in the Asteroid belt? What is the relationship between the “freedom of use” principle enshrined in the Outer Space Treaty, and the duty to carry out space activities “for the benefit and in the interest of all countries” contained in that same treaty? Is mining of space resources compatible with the prohibition of appropriation of outer space?

The Global Networking Forum will address the various challenges related to space resource exploration and use. Experts in different disciplines will contribute with their expertise in the fields of space technology, astronomy, mining, politics, and law.

The composition of the panel in terms of interdisciplinary topics and speakers is tailored as to provide an insight into the legal, economic, telecommunication, scientific and regulatory aspect of resource mining. Among the speakers there will be two speakers with legal background, two speakers will be presenting the scientific perspective and one speaker will represent the evolving space mining industry.



Sagi Kfir


Deep Space Industries

United States




Olavo de Neto Bittencourt


Catholic University of Santos





Yvon Henri

Chief of the Space Service Department

International Telecommunication Union (ITU)






Ian Crawford

Scientist & Professor

Birkbeck College

United Kingdom




Sophia Casanova


Australian Society of Mining Science




Kyle Acierno

Managing Director

ispace Europe





Chris Johnson

Space Law Advisor,

Secure Space Foundation





Caroline Thro

Procurement Department

European Space Agency