Fri 22 SeptTimeEventRoom
08:00-18:00Space Generation CongressUniversity of Adelaide
09:00-16:00Educators Professional Development WorkshopHetzel Lecture Theatre of the State Library of South Australia
Sat 23 SeptTimeEventRoom
08:30-17:40Space Generation CongressUniversity of Adelaide
09:00-16:00Educators Professional Development WorkshopHetzel Lecture Theatre of the State Library of South Australia
09:30-16:30International Project/Programme Management CommitteeSkyway Room 1
10:00-12:00IAF/IAA/IISL Advisory Committee on History Activities MeetingRiverbank Room 8 b
10:00-12:30IAF Finance Committee MeetingRiverbank Room 1
10:00-13:00IAA Space Debris Committee MeetingPanorama Room 1
12:30-13:00IAA Commission Plenary SessionPanorama Room 2
13:00-15:00IAF Technical Activities Committee MeetingRiverbank Room 6 a
13:00-15:00IAF Next Generation Coardination Committee MeetingSkyway Room 2
13:00-16:00IAA Commission 1 Meeting Space Physical SciencesPanorama Room 1
13:00-16:00IAA Commission 2 Meeting Space Life SciencesPanorama Room 3
13:00-16:00IAA Commission 3 Meeting Space Technology & System DevelopmentPanorama Room2
13:00-16:00IAA Commission 4 Meeting Space System Operation & UtilizationCity Room 1
13:00-16:00IAA Commission 5 Meeting Space Policy, Law & EconomyCity Room 2
13:00-16:00IAA Commission 6 Meeting Space & Society, Culture & EducationCity Room 3
15:00-16:30IPC Steering Group Meeting Part 1Riverbank Room 6 a
16:00-18:00IAA Scientific Activities Committee MeetingCity Room 3
17:00-18:30IPC General MeetingHall M
Sun 24 SeptTimeEventRoom
08:00-18:00IPMC YP WorkshopMeeting Room L 2&3
08:15-13:30Cross-Cultural Communications and Presentation WorkshopCity Room 3&4
09:00-11:45IAA Academy DayPanorama Room 1&2
09:00-12:00IAF Space Education and Outreach Committee MeetingMeeting Room L 1 b
09:00-13:00IAC Hosts SummitRiverbank Room 3
09:30-17:00International Meeting for Members of ParliamentsHall M
10:00-16:00SGAC Workshop on Communicating Space Activities Using Visual StoriesRiverbank Room 1
10:00-17:30SGAC Workshop on Human Space SettlementMeeting Room L 1 a
11:00-12:00IAC 2017 Kick-off Press ConferencePanorama Suite
12:00-13:00Press briefingPanorama Suite
12:00-14:00IAF Workforce Development / YPP MeetingRiverbank Room 6 b
13:00-14:00IAA Regular MeetingPanorama Room 1&2
13:00-15:00IAF Space Life Sciences Committee MeetingRiverbank Room 8 a
13:00-15:00IAF Earth Observation Committee MeetingMeeting Room L 1 b
14:00-17:00IAF Astrodynamics Committee MeetingSkyway Room 1
14:00-17:00IAF Bureau Meeting Session 1Panorama Suite
14:00-18:00IAF Materials and Structures Committee MeetingRiverbank Room 6 b
14:15-16:15Next Generation Plenary Preparatory MeetingSkyway Room 2
14:15-17:30IAA Academy DayPanorama Room 1&2
15:00-17:00IAF Space Propulsion Committee MeetingRiverbank Room 8 a
15:00-17:00IAF GEOSS Subcommittee MeetingMeeting Room L 1 b
15:00-17:00IAA Board of TrusteesPanorama Room 3
16:00-18:00IAF Commercial Spaceflight Safety Committee MeetingRiverbank Room 8 b
16:00-19:00IAF Space Transportation Committee MeetingRiverbank Room 6 a
16:30-18:30SGAC Advisory Board MeetingRiverbank Room 1
18:00-19:00IAF ESL/YSL MeetingRiverbank Room 6 b
19:00-19:30YP Networking EventHall M
Mon 25 SeptTimeEventRoom
07:00-09:00IAF Space Exploration Committee MeetingRiverbank Room 6 a
08:00-09:00Heads of Agencies Plenary Preparatory MeetingSkyway Room 1
09:00-10:30Opening CeremonyHall A,B,C&D
10:45-11:45Exhibition Opening and VIP TourHall F-K
11:00-13:30IAF Space Systems Committee MeetingSkyway Room 1
12:15-14:15International Space Education Board MeetingSkyway Room 2
13:00-18:00IISL Board of DirectorsRiverbank Room 1
13:30-15:00PE 1 – Heads of AgenciesHall C&D
15:00-15:15GNF OpeningHall C&D
15:00-18:00IAF General AssemblyHall M
15:15-16:00Heads of Agencies Press ConferencePanorama Suite
15:15-16:15GNF: Commercial Nano-Satellites Constellation – The SAS StoryHall C&D
16:00-18:00IAF Space Economy Committee MeetingSkyway Room 3
16:45-17:30GNF: Strategic Partnership of Energia and Boeing in SpaceHall C&D
17:30-18:00GNF: EU Ambitions in SpaceHall C&D
17:30-18:15International Space Education Board 2017 MeetingRiverbank Room 8 b
17:45-18:45NASA Meeting with US Students & YPsRiverbank Room 8 a
18:00-18:15GNF: What Future Role for Europe in Exploration?Hall C&D
18:15-19:30PE 2 – Host Plenary – The Space Industry’s Economic and Social ImpactHall C&D
Tue 26 SeptTimeEventRoom
07:30-09:30Australian National University MeetingRiverbank Room 8 a
08:00-12:00International Space Educator Board MeetingRiverbank Room 6 a
08:00-18:00IAF Nomination CommitteeSkyway Room 5
08:30-09:30PE 3 – Space Traffic Management – Global Challenges to Protect the Strategic Domain of SpaceHall C
09:00-10:00IAF Congress and Symposia Advisory Committee MeetingSkyway Room 2
09:30-10:00GNF: Deep Dive: Space Communications and Surveillance for National SecurityHall D
09:45-12:45IAA Seti Permanent Committee MeetingRiverbank Room 8 b
10:00-10:30GNF: Deep Dive: Reusability of Launch Vehicles & Small SatsHall D
10:00-12:00IAF Regional Group of Latin America and the Caribbean (GRULAC) MeetingRiverbank Room 1
10:30-11:00GNF: Deep Dive: Space Situational AwarenessHall D
11:00-11:30GNF: Deep Dive: Impact of ConstellationsHall D
11:00-12:30Next Generation Plenary RehearsalHall C
11:30-12:00GNF: Deep Dive: Near-Earth ObjectsHall D
12:00-12:30GNF: Deep Dive: Clean SpaceHall D
12:00-13:00IAF Satellite Commercial Applications Committee MeetingRiverbank Room 1
12:00-14:00IAF Space Operations Committee MeetingRiverbank Room 8 a
12:45-14:00IAA Small Satellite Mission Program Committee MeetingRiverbank Room 8 b
12:45-14:45IAA Study Group 3.26 Space Mineral ResourcesCity Room 4
13:00-14:30IAA Acta Astronautica Editoral Board MeetingRiverbank Room 1
13:00-18:00IISL Moot Court Competition (Semi Finals)Meeting Room L 1 a&b
13:30-14:30PE 4 – 50 Ways to Leave Your EarthHall C
14:00-16:00IAF Space Security Committee MeetingRiverbank Room 8 a
14:00-17:00International Space Education Board Heads of Education MeetingRiverbank Room 8 b
14:30-15:30GNF: Disruption of New Starts on the Asia Pacific Space TurfHall D
15:00-17:00ISEF2 Planning MeetingRiverbank Room 6 a&b
15:30-16:30GNF: Opening the Market Aperture for New Start OpportunitiesHall D
15:45-16:45HLL1 RehearsalHall C
16:30-17:30GNF: Space 4.0 – Building a Space Entrepreneurship EcosystemsHall D
16:30-17:30IAF Nomination Committee – Open Consultation Session for MembersSkyway Room 5
16:30-18:30IAF Integrated Applications Technical Committee MeetingRiverbank Room 1
17:45-18:45HLL 1 – Flight by Light with Bill Nye LightSail and Innovations in Solar SailingHall C
18:45-19:45HLL 1 Press ConferencePanorama Suite
19:00-20:00YP Networking EventHall M
Wed 27 SeptTimeEventRoom
08:00-10:00IAF Knowledge Management Technical Committee MeetingRiverbank Room 8 a
08:00-18:00IAF Nomination CommitteeSkyway Room 5
08:30-09:30PE 5 – Next Generation Plenary – Innovative Methods for Assured and Secure Access to SpaceHall C
09:00-18:00Inter Agencies Space Debris Coordination Committee MeetingMeeting Room L 1 a
09:15-12:15World Space Week Assosiation Board of Directors MeetingRiverbank Room 8 b
09:30-10:30GNF: Space Technology Education and Training Exchange Platform Open to the WorldHall C
09:30-11:30GNF: The Evolving Relation Between Public Procurement and Industry on Space and Defence Programmes with Strategic Perspectives Towards Respecting Costs and Schedules on Large ContractsHall D
10:00-11:30IAF Industry Relations Committee MeetingRiverbank Room 8 a
10:00-12:00IAF Space Universities Administrativ Committee MeetingMeeting Room L 1 b
10:30-11:00GNF: Spaceport Norway 2018: Towards a Space SocietyHall C
11:00-11:30GNF: SpaceTech – Space Systems and Business EngineeringHall C
11:30-12:00GNF: 0G Summit – Space Diplomacy in the Age of NewSpaceHall C
11:30-12:30GNF: The Role of Space Agencies in Support of Emerging CountriesHall D
12:00-12:30GNF: Shaping the Future with Ariane 6Hall C
12:45-14:45IISL General AssemblyMeeting Room L 2
13:00-15:00PE 8 RehearsalSkyway Room 2
13:00-18:00IISL Board MeetingMeeting Room L 1 b
13:30-14:30PE 6 – MoonMars Villages for Science, Technology, Innovation, Cooperation, Security and InspirationHall C
14:00-17:00Internatinal Space Education Board Heads of Education MeetingRiverbank Room 8 b
14:30-15:30GNF: Reducing Diversity Gaps – Inducing Space Environment Dynamic with Benefits for a Country´s Economy, Education, Strategy and SovereigntyHall C
14:30-16:00GNF: A Low Earth Orbit Space Station – the Way ForwardHall D
14:45-15:45PE 6 Press ConferencePanorama Suite
14:45-18:00IAF Human Spaceflight Committee MeetingRiverbank Room 8 a
15:00-17:00IAF Enterprise Risk Management Committee MeetingSkyway Room 2
15:30-16:00GNF: New Trends of Commercial Developments in Space DomainHall C
15:30-17:00IAF Honors and Awards Committee MeetingHall M
16:00-17:00GNF: SpaceGen EntrepreneursHall C
16:00-17:30GNF: Deep Space Exploration Post 2024 ScenariosHall D
16:30-17:30IAF Congress and Symposia Advisory Committee Interviews with IAC2020 BiddersRiverbank Room 1
17:00-17:45GNF: The 50th Anniversary of the Outer Space Treaty: Global Governance for Space ActivitiesHall C
17:00-19:00IAF Knowledge Management Technical Committee Work Group MeetingRiverbank Room 8 b
17:45-18.45PE 7 – Next Generation On-Orbit Satellite Servicing and Refuelling ProgramsHall C
18:45-19.30IAF World Space Award Highlight Lecture: Growing Opportunities for International Cooperation in Science and AstronauticsHall C
19:30-20.30YP Networking EventHall M
Thu 28 SeptTimeEventRoom
08:00-18:00IISL Moot Court Competition (Finals)National Court of Australia
08:00-18:00IAF Nomination CommitteeSkyway Room 5
08:30-09:30PE 8 – From Up There to Down Here Big Space Data Driving Sustainable Development and Economic Growth on EarthHall C
09:00-10:30IAF CLIODN MeetingMeeting Room L 1 b
09:00-11:00IAF Space Societies Committee MeetingRiverbank Room 1
09:00-11:00IAF Entrepreneurship and Investment Committee MeetingSkyway Room 2
09:00-11:30Space Education and Outreach Committee MeetingMeeting Room L 1 a
09:00-12:30IAF Bureau Meeting Session 2Panorama Suite
09:30-10:30PE8 Press ConferenceHall M
09:30-10:30GNF: Advancing Australia’s Space and Spatial CapabilityHall C
09:30-10:30GNF: Promoting Space Access through Global PartnershipsHall D
10:30-11:30GNF: Pushing the Boundaries of Research – International Science ‘Made in Germany’Hall C
10:30-11:30GNF: Space Mining – Law, Politics, PerspectivesHall D
11:00-13:00IAF Space Museums Committee MeetingRiverbank Room 1
11:30-12:30GNF: The Growth Challenges of Space Start-Ups: The Role of Private and Public InvestorsHall D
11:30-12:30GNF: Reusable Launch of Small Satellites Using ScramjetsHall C
12:30-14:30IAA History Committee MeetingRiverbank Room 6 a
12:45-13:15Interactive Presentations Award CeremonyHall J&K2
12:45-13:45GNF: The Status of Citizen Science in Global Earth Observation SystemsHall D
12:45-14:00IAA/IISL Scientific Legal Liaison Committee MeetingRiverbank Room 6 b
12:45-14:45IAA Study Group 3.24 – Road to Space-Elevator EraRiverbank Room 3
13:00-15:00IAF Space Communications and Navigation Committee MeetingRiverbank Room 1
13:15-14:45Interactive Presentations Session & Cocktail ReceptionHall J&K2
13:30-17:00International Space Education Board MeetingSkyway Room 2
13:45-15:15GNF: ESA DG Jam Session and Moon Village Kick-OffHall C
13:45-15:45GNF: Understanding the Universe and Improving Life on Earth with Australian AstronomyHall D
14:00-15:30Highlight Lecture 2 MeetingRiverbank Room 6 b
14:45-15:45GNF: Earth Observation – Trends and Paradigm ShiftsHall D
15:00-17:00IPC Steering Group Meeting Part 2Riverbank Room 1
15:15-15:45GNF: Orbital ATK and the Future of Space LogisticsHall C
15:30-17:30SGAC Executive Council MeetingRiverbank Room 6 b
15:45-16:45GNF: The Value of Being Part of Space ExplorationHall D
15:45-16:45GNF: Space and Sustainable Development GoalsHall C
16:00-18:00Young ESA Diversity AwardHall K 1
16:45-17:45GNF: Space Optics: Next Steps of Optical Communications Enhancing Our Interconnected WorldHall D
16:45-17:45GNF: New Generation Recoverable Satellite — An Advanced Space Platform for Space Environment UtilizationHall C
17:00-18:00IAF Committee for the Cultural Utilisation of Space MeetingMeeting Room L 1 a
17:00-19:00IAF Astrodynamics Committee MeetingSkyway Room 1
17:45-18:45HLL 2 – The Great Barrier Reef Assessing its Health from SpaceHall C
Fri 29 SeptTimeEventRoom
07:30-08:30LBN1: We are Explorers: Late-Breaking News about Mars Base Camp and the Deep Space GatewayHall C&D
08:30-09:00LBN2: When Innovation Becomes Sustainable – Sky and Space Conducted First Ever Voicecall Using its Nano SatelliteHall C&D
09:00-13:00IAF General AssemblyHall M
09:30-11:00GNF: Astronauts EventRiverbank Room 7&8
11:00-12:00GNF: Global Real-Time Data Exchange Satellite Constellation ProjectRiverbank Room 7&8
13:00-13:30IAF Bureau MeetingRiverbank Room 1
14:00-15:00GNF: SpaceX Presentation by Elon MuskHall A,B,C&D
16:00-17:00Closing CeremonyHall A,B,C&D


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