50 Ways to Leave Your Earth

Tuesday 26 September 2017, 13:30 – 14:30

Location: Adelaide Convention Center – Hall C


After several years of intensive development work and marketing efforts, a number of commercial endeavors are close to launching their suborbital spaceflight services. Furthermore, two companies are intensely working on vehicles to transport people to the ISS and into LEO. On the other hand, Russia and China continue to modernize and operate their respective national crew transportation systems.

All above operators will select and train each passenger, whether he or she will be an astronaut or non-professional, based on their individual selection criteria and training programs. This session thus intends to highlight different criteria and approaches for passenger selection, individual and flight training of the various LEO and suborbital systems: An invited expert on astronaut selection & training as opening speaker shall introduce the subject of individual, operational and environmental challenges of a spaceflight for professionals and amateurs – the launch experience, weightlessness, the effect of seeing the Earth from above, the individual ways of coping with the risk of launch failure, behaving in critical situations etc.




Brienna Henwood

Corporate Business Development,


United States

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Ariane Cornell

Business Development & Strategy

Blue Origin

United States

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George Nield

FAA Associate Administrator

Commercial Space Transportation

United States

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Chris Ferguson

Director of Crew & Mission Systems

Boeing (former astronaut)

United States

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Tony Antonelli

LM Space Systems-Civil and Commercial (former astronaut)

United States








Pamela Melroy

Senior Advisor for Space Strategy,

Nova Systems

United States

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Sergey Krikalev

Executive Director of Piloted Spaceflights
Russian Federation

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