ESA’s Jam Session on Space Safety

Wednesday 3 October 2018, 11:15 – 12:15

Location: Bremen Conference Center – CCB Hansesaal


It is becoming more and more important for the Space Community to tackle Space Safety which addresses the protection of humanity, of our planet and assets in space and on Earth from dangers (man-made and natural) originating in Space, and includes three segments:

  • Planetary defence (NEO threat detection and analysis – incl. characterisation, follow-up observation, modelling; deflection techniques; warnings and mitigation measures)
  • Space Weather (solar and beyond)
  • Debris and Cleanspace (debris – detection, tracking, mitigation and removal, intelligent systems leading to autonomous collision avoidance, clean systems, including regulatory aspects – space traffic management,…)

Space Safety is a topic that no nation, no agency, no space actor can tackle alone. Global collaboration is a must. International cooperation is seen today but there is space for more.
Space Safety is not a single project or activity but a series of projects and activities contributed from players worldwide towards the vision of a resilient society safe from dangers originating in space.
ESA DG Jan Wörner together with his Programme Advisor, Chiara Manfletti, wishes to discuss the role and importance Space Safety is going to have in the future. Jan Wörner will give a short overview about the topic and would like to engage the audience in an open discussion. The opinion on this matter is of high importance for shaping of future activities. Therefore, everyone is invited to give his/her comments and remarks on Space Safety. Only no comments are stupid comments.

Organized by:
European Space Agency (ESA)


Jan Wörner

Director General,

European Space Agency (ESA),







Chiara Manfletti

Programme Advisor to the Director General,

European Space Agency (ESA),