Meeting Schedule



Saturday 19 October
08:0012:30IAA Lunar Farside MeetingRoom 143C
10:0013:00IAA Space Debris Committee MeetingRoom 143B
12:0013:00IAA Commission Plenary MeetingRoom 143A
12:3015:30IAF Space Exploration CommitteeRoom 149B
13:0016:00IAA Commission 1Room 143A
13:0016:00IAA Commission 2Room 143B
13:0016:00IAA Commission 3Room 143C
13:0016:00IAA Commission 4Room 144A
13:0016:00IAA Commission 5Room 144B
13:0016:00IAA Commission 6Room 145C
14:0016:00IAF Next Generation Coordination Committee (NGCC)Room 204A
16:1517:30IAA Scientific Activities Committee meeting (SAC)Room 149B


Sunday 20 October
09:0012:15IAA Academy Day – Part 1Room 146B
09:0012:00IAF Space Education and Outreach Committee (SEOC)Room 102B
13:0017:00IAF Earth Observation committee and GEOSS subcommitteeRoom 141
13:3014:30IAA Regular MeetingRoom 146B
14:0016:00IAF Commercial Spaceflight Safety CommitteeRoom 153
14:0017:00IAF Workforce Development-Young Professionals Programme Committee (WD-YPP)Room 204A
14:4517:15IAA Academy Day – Part 2Room 146B
15:0017:00IAA Board of TrusteesRoom 140A
15:0017:00IAF Space Transportation CommitteeRoom 156
15:0017:00IAF Space Propulsion Technical CommitteeRoom 148
16:0018:00IAF Human Spaceflight CommitteeRoom 149A
18:0019:00ESL/YSL MeetingRoom 153


Monday 21 October
11:0013:00IAF Space Communications and Navigation Committee (SCAN)Room 102A
13:0013:30IAA Study Group 2.18Room 153
15:0018:00IAF General AssemblyRoom 207AB
15:3017:30IAF Space Economy CommitteeRoom 102A
16:0017:30IAA Study Group 3.27Room 153
18:0019:00IAF Microgravity Sciences and Processes CommitteeRoom 102A


Tuesday 22 October
08:0009:45IAF Space Operations Committee (SOC)Room 149A
09:0011:00IAF Space Education and Outreach Committee (SEOC)Room 148
09:3011:30IAF Space Astronomy Technical Committee (SATC)Room 141
10:0012:00IAF Entrepreneurship and Investment Committee (EIC)Room 149A
10:0012:00GRULAC MeetingRoom 153
11:3013:30IAA Study Group 3.26Room 149B
11:3016:00IISL Moot Court Semi-Finals 1Room 102A
11:3016:00IISL Moot Court Semi-Finals 2Room 102B
12:0013:30IAA Study Group 4.21Room 153
13:0014:00IAA Small Satellite Missions ProgramRoom 156
14:0015:30IAF Committee on Integrated ApplicationsRoom 149B
15:3017:00IAF Knowledge Management for Space Organisations (KMTC)Room 149B


Wednesday 23 October
09:0012:00IAA SETI Permanent Committee MeetingRoom156
10:0011:30IAF Honours and Awards Committee (HAC)Room 141
11:0012:30IAF Committee on Near Earth ObjectsRoom 102B
13:3015:30IAA Study Group 3.28Room 153


Thursday 24 October
07:0009:30IAF Grulac and AIAA Nuclear and Future Flight Propulsion Technical CommitteRoom 156
12:1514:15IAA History Committee MeetingRoom 149A
15:0017:00IPC Steering Group Meeting – Session IIRoom 156
15:0017:00IAF Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)  CommitteeRoom 148
16:0017:30IAA Study Group 3.24Room 153
16:0017:30IAA Study Group on CubeSat Interface 4.26Room 209A


Friday 25 October
14:3016:00SGAC Advisory Board MeetingRoom 102A














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