Meeting Schedule


Friday 18 October
27th IAF Workshop Supported by the UN9:0017:00Room 152B
UN/IAF Secretariat9:0017:00Room 155
Space Generation Congress8:0019:00Off-site


Saturday 19 October
IAA Lunar Farside Meeting8:0012:30Room 143C
Educators’ Workshop8:0016:00Room 202B
Space Generation Congress8:0019:00Off-site
27th IAF Workshop Supported by the UN – Room 19:0017:00Room 151B
27th IAF Workshop Supported by the UN – Room 29:0017:00Room 152A
27th IAF Workshop Supported by the UN – Room 39:0017:00Room 152B
UN/IAF Secretariat9:0017:00Room 155
IAA Space Debris Committee Meeting10:0013:00Room 143B
IAF Finance Committee10:0012:00Room 102A
IAA Commission Plenary Meeting12:0013:00Room 143A
IAF Space Exploration Committee12:3015:30Room 149B
IAA Commission 113:0016:00Room 143A
IAA Commission 213:0016:00Room 143B
IAA Commission 313:0016:00Room 143C
IAA Commission 413:0016:00Room 144A
IAA Commission 513:0016:00Room 144B
IAA Commission 613:0016:00Room 145C
IPC Steering Group Meeting – Session I13:0014:30Room 156
IAF Next Generation Coordination Committee (NGCC)14:0016:00Room 204A
IAF Technical Activities Committee15:0016:30Room 102A
IAA Scientific Activities Committee meeting (SAC)16:1517:30Room 149B
IPC General Meeting17:0018:30Room 207AB


Sunday 20 October
SGAC Hackathon with US State Department- Room 18:0018:00Room 143A
World Economic Forum Seminar on Space Sustainability Rating8:0018:00Room 144A
SGAC Hackathon with US State Department I8:0018:00Room 143A
SGAC Hackathon with US State Department II8:0018:00Room 143B
SGAC Hackathon with US State Department III8:0018:00Room 143C
Cross-Cultural Workshop I8:0013:30Room 149A
Cross-Cultural Workshop II8:0013:30Room 149B
GTS Test8:0018:00Room 147B
IAF International Meeting for Members of Parliaments8:3017:30Room 201
IAA Academy Day – Part 19:0012:15Room 146B
IAF Space Education and Outreach Committee (SEOC)9:0012:00Room 102B
27th IAF Workshop Supported by the UN – Room 19:0017:00Room 151B
27th IAF Workshop Supported by the UN – Room 29:0017:00Room 152A
27th IAF Workshop Supported by the UN – Room 39:0017:00Room 152B
YP IPMC Workshop9:0018:00Room 150B
World Economic Forum Seminar on Space Sustainability Rating10:0017:00Room 144A
IAC Host Summit10:3013:00Room 202B
IAF Global Workforce Development Subcommittee12:0013:00Room 102B
IAF Earth Observation committee and GEOSS subcommittee13:0017:00Room 141
International Space University Board of Directors Meeting13:0017:00Room 102A
IAC Host Summit Lunch13:0014:00Room 202A
IAA Regular Meeting13:3014:30Room 146B
IAF Commercial Spaceflight Safety Committee14:0016:00Room 153
IAF Workforce Development-Young Professionals Programme Committee (WD-YPP)14:0017:00Room 204A
IAF Astrodynamics Committee (Session I)14:0018:00Room 209A
IAF Materials and Structures Committee14:0018:00Room 209B
IAF Bureau Meeting – Session 114:0017:00Room 102B
IAA Academy Day – Part 214:4517:15Room 146B
IAA Board of Trustees15:0017:00Room 140A
IAF Space Transportation Committee15:0017:00Room 156
IAF Space Propulsion Technical Committee15:0017:00Room 148
IAF Human Spaceflight Committee16:0018:00Room 149A
IAF Committee for the Cultural Utilisation of Space (ITACCUS) – Session 117:0018:00Room 141
ESL/YSL Meeting18:0019:00Room 153
IAA Dinner18:0020:00Off-site
YP Programme19:0021:00Room 207AB
MoP Dinner19:0021:30Off-site
YP Networking Event: IAF Opportunities19:0020:00207AB
YP Networking Reception (Sunday)20:0021:00207AB


Monday 21 October
VIP Gathering8:009:00South Prefunction
HoA Preparatory Meeting8:009:00Room 149B
Opening Ceremony9:0010:30Ballroom ABC
Opening Exhibition/Ribbon Cutting/VIP Tour10:3012:00Ballroom ABC
IAF Space Communications and Navigation Committee (SCAN)11:0013:00Room 102A
IAF Space Systems Committee11:0012:30Room 153
Harris Luncheon12:0013:00South Prefunction
Joint IAF and IAA Space Life Sciences Meeting12:3014:30Room 156
IISL Board of Directors12:3013:00Room 148
IAA Study Group 2.1813:0013:30Room 153
PE1: Space Agencies: Challenges and Opportunities in a Changing Space Environment13:1514:45Ballroom ABC
IAF Space Power Committee14:0017:00Room 102B
SG 6.17 Multicultural Foundations and Influences of Human Space Exploration14:3016:00Room 153
IAF General Assembly Meeting15:0017:00Room 207AB
SPS: Get ready to protect Earth from asteroids – Planetary Defense in your hands15:0016:30Room 146A
GNF:  EO as a pillar of the Space Economy and perspectives of Industrial Policy15:1016:10Ballroom ABC
Heads of Agencies Press Conference15:1516:00Room 206
IAF Space Economy Committee15:3017:30Room 102A
IAA Study Group 3.2716:0017:30Room 153
SPS: ISS-Moon-Mars:  Using spaceflight platforms to study and simulate future missions16:4518:15Room 146A
GNF: Boeing and Energia: Search for New Forms of Sustainable Cooperation in Space16:5017:35Ballroom ABC
Spearheading the Moon Village Development: Briefing on the MVA Activities17:0017:30Room 206
GNF: 0G Summit: Mankind’s return to the Moon in the NewSpace Age17:4018:10Ballroom ABC
IAF Microgravity Sciences and Processes Committee18:0019:00Room 102A
PE2: Host Plenary: Evolving Apollo: The Next 50 Years in Human Spaceflight18:1519:30Ballroom ABC
Welcome Reception19:3022:00Hall D&E
IAA Academy Day – Part 214:4517:15Room 146B
IAA Board of Trustees15:0017:00Room 140A
IAF Space Transportation Committee15:0017:00Room 156
IAF Space Propulsion Technical Committee15:0017:00Room 148
IAF Human Spaceflight Committee16:0018:00Room 149A
IAF Committee for the Cultural Utilisation of Space (ITACCUS) – Session 117:0018:00Room 141
ESL/YSL Meeting18:0019:00Room 153
IAA Dinner18:0020:00Off-site
YP Programme19:0021:00Room 207AB
MoP Dinner19:0021:30Off-site
YP Networking Event: IAF Opportunities19:0020:00207AB


Tuesday 22 October
Dynetics Industry Breakfast7:008:00South Prefunction
IAF Space Operations Committee (SOC)8:009:45Room 149A
IAF Excellency in Industry Award8:008:30Ballroom ABC
IAF Nomination Committee8:0018:00Room 101
IAF Congress and Symposia Advisory Committee (CSAC) Meeting8:0018:00Room 209B
PE3 : The Long-Term Sustainability of Outer Space: Advancing the Space Economy and Sustaining Space Industry Through Solutions to Space Security Issue8:309:30Ballroom AB
IAF Space Education and Outreach Committee (SEOC)9:0011:00Room 148
IAF Space Astronomy Technical Committee (SATC)9:3011:30Room 141
GNF Story Telling Session – Commercial Human Spaceflight and going foward to the Moon9:4010:40Ballroom AB
GNF Story Telling Session: Virgin Galactic9:409:50Ballroom AB
SPS: Home Planet 2030 – The Role of Earth Observations in Studying Our Planet9:4511:15Room 146A
GNF Story Telling Session: Blue Origin9:5010:00Ballroom AB
Space Climate Observatory (SCO) Steering Meeting  – Session I10:0013:00Room 156
Space Climate Observatory (SCO) Steering Meeting  – Session II10:0013:00Room 149A
IAF Entrepreneurship and Investment Committee (EIC)10:0012:00Room 149A
GRULAC Meeting10:0012:00Room 153
IPMC Meeting10:0014:00Room 204A
IAF Committee on Space Security10:0012:00Room 209A
GNF Story Telling Session: Thales Alenia Space10:0010:10Ballroom AB
The MILO Space Science Institute; affordable university led science missions10:0011:00Room 206
GNF Story Telling Session: Made In Space10:1010:20Ballroom AB
GNF Story Telling Session: Arianespace10:2010:30Ballroom AB
GNF Story Telling Session: SpaceX10:3010:40Ballroom AB
GNF: Communications Satellites – Then, Now, and Where Next?10:5011:35Ballroom AB
IAA Study Group 3.2611:3013:30Room 149B
IISL Moot Court Semi-Finals 111:3016:00Room 102A
IISL Moot Court Semi-Finals 211:3016:00Room 102B
SPS: Global Launch SpaceBuzz: Launching Millions of Children into Space11:3012:15Room 146A
GNF: A Grand Tour of Global Space Policy Issues11:4512:30Ballroom AB
IAA Study Group 4.2112:0013:30Room 153
Boeing Industry Luncheon12:3013:30South Prefunction
SPS: Life’s Journey Through the Universe12:3013:30Room 146A
IAA Small Satellite Missions Program13:0014:00Room 156
PE4: Inspiring by Leading: Building and Sustaining the Global Space Workforce for the Future13:3014:30Ballroom B
IAF Committee on Integrated Applications14:0015:30Room 149B
IAF Committee for Liaison with International Organisations and Developing Nations (CLIODN)14:3016:00Room 148
GNF: Commercial Crew Starliner14:4515:45Ballroom A
GNF: Alive in Space14:4515:45Ballroom C
SPS: EO+AI – the game changer in the way we see the  world14:4516:15Room 146A
IAF Knowledge Management for Space Organisations (KMTC)15:3017:00Room 149B
GNF: Industry Deep Dives Session – Small Satellite, Big Future: Frequent and Reliable Launch on Electron15:4515:55Ballroom A
GNF: Outcomes of the Global Conference on Space for Emerging Countries – GLEC 201915:5016:35Ballroom C
GNF: Industry Deep Dives Session – Incorporating the Moon into Earth’s Economy15:5516:05Ballroom A
GNF: Industry Deep Dives Session – Making Space Sustainable for Future Space Utilization and Exploration16:0516:15Ballroom A
GNF: Industry Deep Dives Session – Space Technologies to the Power of Hundreds16:1516:25Ballroom A
GNF: IAF Startup Pitch Session16:3017:45Ballroom A
SPS: Artificial Intelligence in Space: Are Intelligent Space Objects the Promise of the Future?16:3018:00Room 146A
GNF: Leaving no-one behind: Opportunities to support inclusiveness through space-based applications and space exploration. Presentation of results of the 27th workshop on Space Technology for Socio-Economic Benefit16:4017:10Ballroom C
GK Launch Competition Press Announcement17:0017:30Room 206
GNF: Singapore – Regional vision to co-create, build capacity, and expand space applications for new uses17:1517:45Ballroom C
HLL1: MARSIS: the Successful Search for Liquid Water on Mars18:0019:00Ballroom B
AIAA Space Automation and Robotics Technical Committee (SARTC)18:0021:00Room 149B
YP Programme19:0021:00Room 207AB
Lockheed Martin Reception19:3021:30Off-site
YP Networking Event: Industry Panel on the Moon19:3020:30Room 207AB
YP Networking Reception (Tuesday)20:3021:30Room 207AB


Wednesday 23 October
IDEA 3G Breakfast7:008:30South Prefunction
IAF Nomination Committee8:0018:00Room 101
IAF Congress and Symposia Advisory Committee (CSAC) Meeting8:0018:00Room 209B
PE5: Heads of Emerging Agencies8:309:30Ballroom B
IAA SETI Permanent Committee Meeting9:0012:00Room156
Inter Agency Space Debris Coordination Committee (IADC) – Fall Steering Group Meeting9:0018:00Room 204A
GNF: The Evolving role of the Public Procurement Authories becoming an Anchor Customer in Large Space and Defense Related pProgrammes9:4010:40Ballroom A
GNF: SGAC – LSA SpaceGen Entrepreneurs9:4010:40Ballroom C
SPS: Space Traffic Management: Working Together to Enhance Safety and Sustainability9:4511:15Room 146A
IAF Honours and Awards Committee (HAC)10:0011:30Room 141
Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum & ispace: Preserving the History & Pioneering the Future of Private Lunar Exploration10:0011:00Room 206
HLL3 Preparation10:0011:00Room 209B
IAF Working Group on Emerging Countries10:0011:30Room 149B
GNF: To the ISS, the Moon, Mars – and then some: A 360° Discussion on Humanity’s Exploration of Our Solar System and Beyond10:4511:35Ballroom A
GNF: Lessons from Business Women in the Space Industry – Positive Tales from a Journey Through a Male Dominated Industry10:4511:35Ballroom C
GNF: Forming, Storming, and Norming the Future Lunar Exploration Enterprise10:5011:50Ballroom A
IAF Committee on Near Earth Objects11:0012:30Room 102B
Astrobotic and SpaceBit Lunar Mission Contract Signing and Project Overview11:1512:00Room 206
SPS: Futures Past and Present: Space Architecture in Imagination and Reality11:3013:00Room 146A
GNF: NASA YP Town Hall11:4512:30Ballroom C
IDEA 3G Luncheon12:3013:30South Prefunction
UAE Workshop13:0017:00Room 202A
IAA Study Group 3.2813:3015:30Room 153
PE6: Europa Clipper: Making a Mission to Understand Our Place in the Universe13:3014:30Ballroom B
NASA TV14:0015:30Room 206
IAF Space Societies Committee (SSC)14:0015:30Room 102B
IAF Student Activities Subcommittee14:0016:00Room 141
Space Climate Observatory (SCO) Steering Meeting  – Session III14:3017:30Room 149A
Space Climate Observatory (SCO) Steering Meeting  – Session IV14:3017:30Room 149A
Space Campus Noordwijk Presentation14:4516:15Room 156B
GNF: Why We Suborbital Passengers Are Eager to Fly to Space14:4515:45Ballroom A
GNF: Industrializing the Solar System – Launching the OffWorld Industrial Robotics Workforce Program14:4515:45Ballroom C
SPS: Young minds meet space leaders: words into action14:4516:15Room 146A
UEA Global Space Conference15:0017:00Room 156
SLS/Orion/EGS Supplier Panel and Space Flight Awareness Supplier Award Presentation15:3017:15Room 206
IAF Space Museums and Science Centres Committee15:3017:00Room 102B
GNF: ECOSYSTEM for Sustainable Space Exploration – Involving New Space, Non-Space Players15:5516:55Ballroom A
GNF: Space Supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030 Agenda15:5516:55Ballroom C
SPS: The future of space operations across industries16:3018:00Room 146A
GNF: OOS and related technologies enabling next-gen space missions and ultimate exploration17:0517:45Ballroom A
GNF: We Are Going, and The Technologies to GeT Us There17:0517:50Ballroom C
HLL2: The Challenge of Exploring Our Sun – the 60-Year Odyssey to Parker Solar Probe18:0018:45Ballroom B
German Night19:0021:00Off-site
HLL3: Monitoring Coastal Waters from Space – Highlighting the Chesapeake Bay Region – Dramatic Advances Enable Better Understanding and Protection of these Vital Ecosystems, and their Immense Coastal Populations and Infrastructure19:0019:45Ballroom B
YP Networking Reception IAF/SGAC/ISU  (Wednesday)20:0022:00Room 207AB


Thursday 24 October
IAF Grulac and AIAA Nuclear and Future Flight Propulsion Technical Committe7:009:30Room 156
Blue Origin Breakfast for Suborbital Payload Community7:009:00Room 202B
IAF/IISL/IAA Presidents Breakfast7:008:00Off-site
IAF/IISL/IAA Presidents Breakfast7:308:15Off-site
PE7: 10th Anniversary Next Generation Plenary: “Harnessing Citizen Science for the Future of Earth Observation”8:309:30Ballroom B
World Space Week Association Board of Directors9:0011:00Room 149A
GNF: The Future Lunar Ecosystem and its Business Potential for Non-Space Industries9:4010:40Ballroom A
GNF: Space Museums and Science Centres: heritage and education in a fast changing world9:4010:40Ballroom C
IAF Bureau Meeting – Session 29:4512:30Room 102B
SPS: The Immortal Spaceship: A discussion on the use cases and value of persistent platforms9:4511:15Room 146A
Space Universities Administrative Committee (SUAC)10:0012:00Room 149B
GNF: Space Traffic Management is needed now! IAA, IISL, and IAF join their forces to propose long term sustainability of space operations10:4511:35Ballroom A
GNF: Towards a formal African Space Programme10:4511:25Ballroom C
GNF: Martian and Lunar Analogues11:3012:15Ballroom C
SPS: Planetary Protection for the Future: Science, Exploration, and Commerce11:3013:00Room 146A
GNF: The Mars/Moon Generation Lawyers: A discussion of the legal framework taking NASA back to the future11:4512:35Ballroom A
IAA History Committee Meeting12:1514:15Room 149B
GNF: 4th International Space Forum at Ministerial Level – The Mediterranean Chapter12:2012:50Ballroom C
AIA Luncheon12:3013:30South Prefunction
GNF: Spaceports: Gateway to a Global Space Economy12:4013:30Ballroom A
IP Award12:4513:15Hall D&E
GNF: Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) market: what’s next for industries, applications and the user community12:5513:20Ballroom C
IP Session Cocktail Reception13:1514:45Hall D&E
GNF: Space Sustainability Rating: Addressing the Orbital Challenge13:2514:25Ballroom C
IAF Industry Relations Committee13:3015:00Room 102A
GNF: This Time to Stay: How Markets Will Ensure Sustained Interest in the Lunar Region13:4014:10Ballroom A
IISL Moot Court Finals14:0019:00Off-site
GNF: Governance of Space Activities – Comparative Studies on National Space Policy and Law14:2015:20Ballroom A
GNF: Making Lunar Missions Accessible, a new Approach to Planetary Exploration14:3515:35Ballroom C
GNF: EU Space: Trends for the Future14:3515:05Ballroom C
SPS: Using Open Space Data in Developing Countries14:4516:15Room 146A
IPC Steering Group Meeting – Session II15:0017:00Room 156
IAF Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)  Committee15:0017:00Room 148
GNF: Artemis: Enabling Lunar Exploration15:3016:30Ballroom A
IAA Study Group 3.2416:0017:30Room 153
IAA Study Group on CubeSat Interface 4.2616:0017:30Room 209A
SGAC Executive Council Meeting16:0018:00Room 102B
Ahead of Space19+, the Ministerial Council of the European Space Agency, ESA Director General Jan Wörner meets the Press16:0017:00Room 206
IAF Astrodynamics Committee (Session II)16:3019:00Room 141
SPS: Space Applications of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence16:3018:00Room 146A
IAF Committee for the Cultural Utilisation of Space (ITACCUS) – Session 117:0018:30Room 148
IAF World Space Award Highlight Lecture18:0019:15Ballroom ABC
IISL Dinner19:3022:00Off-site
IAC2020 Kick-off Dinner19:3022:00South Prefunction


Friday 25 October
IAF General Assembly Meeting – Session 29:3013:30Room 207AB
GNF: IAF – ASE Astronaut Event9:4011:10Ballroom ABC
GNF: From the Moon to Mars NASA’s Artemis Program9:4010:40Ballroom ABC
SPS: Atomic Test Masses and Atom Interferometry for Inertial Sensing and Gravity Measurements in Space9:4511:15Room 146A
VIP Luncheon12:3014:00South Prefunction
GNF: The Science-Fiction Continuum13:3014:30Ballroom ABC
IAF Bureau Meeting – Session 314:0015:00Room 102B
SGAC Advisory Board Meeting14:3016:00Room 102A
IAC2019 Closing Ceremony16:4517:45Ballroom ABC
IAC2019 Gala Dinner18:3023:00Off-site














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