GLEX 2017 Gala Dinner

Wednesday 7th June 2017, 19:30 – 22:00

  • The Ticket price (including VAT) is €80,00
  • Grand Mansion (Beijing)  Restaurant – A20, South Capital Stadium Road, Haidian District, Beijing
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7:00PM Depart from BICC

8:00PM-9:00PM Gala Dinner


Grand Mansion (Beijing) Restaurant Management Co., Ltd was established in 2000, which is the famous brand of restaurant (chain) and Five-Diamond Service Enterprise in Beijing.

It is fashionable and glamorous with a touch of archaized breath; its decoration is unique and endowed with historical features; it is wonderful yet graceful and noble. You can feast on Grand Mansion banquet, Beijing local snacks, exquisite folk performing arts and modern amusements. This is just the Grand Mansion integrated with such features as luxuriance, archaise, fashion and leisure.

Decoration of Grand Mansion follows the traditional grand mansion style in combination with modern architectural conception. The novel glass door decorated with gold nails is endowed with noble dignity of grand mansion. Caesious screen wall decorated with exquisite brick carving is provided with a touch of Chinese classical artistic conception as set off by colorful lights. Valuable ancient stone pier, corridor shaped pool, scented wood cloister, trickling flowing water and exquisite Wanfo Pavilion decorated with 300 lights constitute ultimate demonstration of noble dignity. It is really a good place for foreign visitors and guests from other regions of China to experience Chinese culture and unique cultural conception of Beijing.

Grand Mansion dishes represent a miracle of Chinese national catering culture, which is either diversified or unique. They are endowed with delicacy, nourishment and grandness of royal court dishes as well as dexterity and flavor of folk dishes. By using cubilose, abalone, shark fin as well as delicacies from land and sea as major material, each dish is a literary quotation worthy aftertaste. All dishes are extraordinarily diversified in terms of material selection,technique, dish and flavor.

Performances of Grand Mansion are elegant and excellent, which can satisfy your demands for delicious dishes, wonderful performances and far-sounding music. Various classical dramas, local operas and classical local special performances as presented on the same stage are really wonderful, which are endowed with a touch of leisureliness and Chinese civilization with a history of five thousand years.