#IAC2015 Memories

Dear IAF Community, The #IAC2015 has been a groundbreaking congress of more than 2000 prominent thought leaders, researchers, decision makers, academicians, media representatives, experts, students, and young professionals from at least 60 countries, energizing an International movement working to advance the dialogue between scientists around the world and to lay the foundation for international space cooperation. Please find below all videos and photos of the wonderful moments we spent together and see you next year in Guadalajara, Mexico for #IAC2016 (26 – 30 September 2016).

Saturday and Sunday (pre #IAC2015)

IMG_4510IMG_4508 Click here to see all pre #IAC2015 photos

Monday, 12 October

ÎÖÎòÎØ Î®ÎáÎÖ - 0159exhibition opening - 0435 Click here to see all photos of Monday

Tuesday, 13 October

Tuesday #IAC2015Tuesday #IAC2015 Click here to see all photos of Tuesday

Wednesday, 14 October

Wednesday #IAC2015Wednesday #IAC2015 Click here to see all photos of Wednesday #IAC2015

Thursday, 15 October

Thursday #IAC2015Thursday #IAC2015 Click here to see all photos from Thursday #IAC2015

Friday, 16 October

Friday #IAC2015Friday #IAC2015 Click here to see all photos from Friday #IAC2015