IAF Capsules

IAF Capsules are 2/5 minutes videos where important IAF members or participants to IAF events/activities can explain what they do and send a message to their targeted audiences. These IAF capsules help IAF in promoting the exchange within and outside the IAF Community through Social Media (YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter): sharing knowledge with future space generations, get in touch with the IAF Community, discover colleagues’ best practices, etc.

IAF Capsule: Ingo Baumann

IAF Capsule: Norbert Frischauf

IAF Capsule: Josef Aschbacher

IAF Capsule: Olga Volynskaya

IAF Capsule: Karsten Geier

IAF Capsule: Cath Westcott

IAF Capsule: Khalid Al-Awadi

IAF Capsule: Serge Plattard

IAF Capsule: Jean Baptiste Desbois

IAF Capsule: Patrick Hambloch

IAF Capsule: Pierre Bescond

IAF Capsule: Minoo Rathnasabapathy

IAF Capsule: IAF Space Transportation Committee

IAF Capsule: Lulu Makapela, IAC2015 YSL

IAF Capsule: Emerging Space Leader, Rene Michel

IAF Capsule: Emerging Space Leader, Laura León Pérez

IAF Capsule: Director DLR Institute for Space Systems, Andreas Rittweger

IAF Capsule: Founder of GIAURA, Max Beaumont

IAF Capsule: Chief Technology Officer Thales Alenia Space, Piero Messidoro

IAF Capsule: Associate Director Skoltech Russia, Alessandro Golkar

IAF Capsule: Vice President Technology and Innovation Lockheed Martin Corporation, Robie I. Samanta Roy 

IAF Capsule: Director Stanford Center of Excellence for Commercial Space Transportation, Scott Hubbard

IAF Capsule: Exective Director of the Secure World Foundation, Michael K. Simpson

IAF Capsule: Director General Agencia Espacial Méxicana, Francisco Javier Mendieta Jiménez

IAF Capsule: Spacecraft Controller at GSOC/DLR Telespazio Vega, Ahmed Farid

IAF Capsule: Vice President Teledyne Brown Engineering, John Horack

IAF Capsule: Director of UNOOSA and co-founder and President of WIA-E, Simonetta Di Pippo

IAF Capsule: Member of the Space Transportation Committee, Yuguang Yang

IAF Capsule: Scientific Director of Centre Spatiale de Liège, Pierre Rochus

IAF Capsule: Member of the Association of Space Explorers, John-David Bartoe

IAF Capsule: Vice President of Chinese Society of Astronautics, Yang Junhua

IAF Capsule: Head of ESOC/EAC Communication Office at ESA, Jocelyne Landeau-Constantin

IAF Capsule: Head of Marketing & Communications at Airbus, Elizabeth Seward

IAF Capsule: IAF Past President, Berndt Feuerbacher

IAF Capsule: Vice Chair of WD/YPP Committee, Stacey Edgington

IAF Capsule: Secretary of the CLIODN Committee, Christina Giannopapa

IAF Capsule: President of CNES, Jean-Yves Le Gall

IAF Capsule: Chair and Vice Chair of the Astrodynamics Committee, Alfred Ng and Anna Guerman

IAF Capsule: Members of ISEB, Carolyn Knowles and Slawomir Zdybski

IAF Capsule: Program Manager of Hayabusa2 at JAXA, Hitoshi Kuninaka

IAF Capsule: Chair of SEOC, Chris Welch

IAF Capsule: Member of WD/YPP and HSF Committee, Guillaume Girard

IAF Capsule: IAF Vice President, Roberto Battiston

IAF Capsule: IPC Co-Chair IAC 2017, Naomi Mathers

IAF Capsule: EIC Chair, Ken Davidian

IAF Capsule: Chair of SGAC, Chris Vasko

IAF Capsule: Responsible of Programme Committee at GLIC 2015, Joerg Feustel-Buechl

IAF Capsule: Advisory Committee on History and Space Systems, Dmitry Payson

IAF Capsule: Chair of SCAN, Otto Koudelka

IAF Capsule: Chair of WD/YPP, Kevin Stube