We are happy to announce a launch of the Innovative Space Business Platform IAFconnect.org – it’s a new Internet resource that will facilitate the search for investments and subcontractors, as well as establishment of new partnerships and entering new markets.

The issue of reducing time and cost necessary to implement space projects is always important. As a consequence, large and well established companies have started to look for and use the services of smaller companies and organizations, partly outsourcing work. This trend is well justified by the fact that presently we are witnessing an emergence worldwide of multiple start-ups and initiatives ready to offer efficient out-of-the-box solutions. At the same time, newcomers to the space market are interested in validation of their technologies, obtaining financial support and technical expertise on certain issues etc. – something the “big players” can provide them with.

There are good reasons to match the needs and expectations of the established companies of the space market and new firms. That’s exactly what IAFconnect.org is intended to do.

At IAFconnect.org you will find a database of space technologies, information on international space grants and programs, updates on the latest space news and be able to communicate with space experts from all over the world.

We look forward to see you at IAFconnect.org!

The idea was proposed by IAF Vice-President -Industry Relations Dr.Alexander Degtyarev (Yuzhnoye SDO) within the framework of the IAF Global Innovation Agenda 2016-2019 developed by IAF President Dr. Jean-Yves Le Gall.