Dennis Stone graduated in physics and electrical engineering at the University of Hawaii. He is Program Integration Manager, Commercial Crew & Cargo Program Office at the NASA Johnson Space Center. He led the business evaluation of proposals for Commercial Orbital Transportation Services (COTS) funding from NASA and supports the COTS partners and management of the programme. Stone is President of the World Space Week Association which he co-founded in 1981.

What is World Space Week?

World Space Week, October 4-10, is the largest annual space event on Earth. In 1999, the United Nations General Assembly declared October 4-10 annually as World Space Week to celebrate the contributions of space science and technology to the betterment of the human condition. Since its declaration, World Space Week has spread to over 60 nations with hundreds of outreach and education events held by organisations in the space, education, and other sectors of society. By synchronizing events, participants gain leverage. Many events during the same time attract much greater attention than if scattered through the year. Thus World Space Week is the ideal time each year for space organisations to engage students, public, employees, and government leaders.

What took place during World Space Week in 2009? On its 10th anniversary, World Space Week 2009 has a theme of “Space for Education.” Highlights included: - Hundreds of synchronized events in some 60 nations - Special events celebrating the International Year of Astronomy - Circue du Soleil founder Guy Laliberté broadcasting from space - Space Festival and International Astronautical Congress in Korea - A week-long aerospace celebration across the Hawaiian islands - Public and students sending messages into space via SentForever - NASA's LCROSS mission impacting the Moon - Space Fest Africa in South Africa - Teachers globally inspiring students using the excitement of space

How can IAF members get involved?

World Space Week is open to all. We encourage every IAF member to participate in World Space Week to benefit themselves and the global space community as a whole. Indeed, with each new event, the resulting global celebration attracts even more public, student, and media attention. To participate, organisations can: - Promote planned October 4-10 events as part of World Space Week - Reschedule other planned events to October 4-10 where possible - Consider special events for World Space Week, individually or with other organisations - Consider providing volunteers or other support for local, national, or global coordination To get full leverage from participating in the largest space event on Earth, IAF members and other organisations can enter their October 4-10 events into the global calendar at For further information about World Space Week 2010, please contact Dennis Stone, Volunteer President, World Space Week Association, or visit