Zhaoyao WANG is the Director General of the China Manned Space Agency (CMSA). Qin ZHANG is the Executive Secretary of the China Association for Science & Technology (CAST).

What is the specific role of CMSA in the structure of the space world in China?

(Z. Wang): China Manned Space program is directly led by Chinese government and is managed by CMSA that represents the government. CSMA is responsible for project planning, system technology, engineering development, construction of supporting facilities, allocation of funds and international cooperation.

Why is the IAC important in the global promotion of Chinese space achievements?

(Z. Wang): IAF is an earlier founded and most influential non-governmental space organisation. IAC is an international and academic conference initiated by IAF. The world space agencies and enterprises seek cooperation and progress on the platform established by IAC. By attending IAC, Chinese space agencies, organisations and institutions will have more opportunities to demonstrate China’s space achievements to the world, exchange ideas and discuss topics of common concern and the possibility of future cooperation with international counterparts. These exchanges and communications will lay a foundation for extensive international cooperation.

CAST is China’s largest non-governmental organisation, what does the IAC represent for such a stakeholder?

(Q. Zhang): CAST is the largest non-governmental organisation of scientific and technological workers in China. One of the major tasks of CAST and its member societies is to participate in the international organisations on behalf of China’s scientific and technological community. CAST has always encouraged its member societies to be involved in activities of international organisations, play their roles and make corresponding contributions. CAST supports its member societies to hold influential and high-level international conferences to promote global cooperation. Today, space exploration has become more and more important with many countries engaging in exploration, development and utilization. IAC is one of the most prominent academic events of world space community, and it is also a highend platform to display achievements, know current development, discuss future trend and broaden international cooperation.

Which aspects of the IAC are most attractive for CAST?

(Q. Zhang): For CAST, the most attractive aspects of IAC are its long history, high academic level exchange, extensive academic and social influence. Particularly, the keynote lectures of IAC will play a guiding role of knowing the latest space development and promoting China’s space program. In addition, the Meeting for Members of Parliaments bridges the political world and space community, which plays an active role in promoting international cooperation and peaceful utilization of outer space.