A9C Capital

Member since: 2010


A9C Capital WLL ā€“ Business Consultants & Technology Advisors is a Bahrain-based company founded in 2008 by German businessmen and scientists.

The company focuses on bringing small and medium technology companies from all over the world and in particular from Europe together with partners and investors from the Gulf countries. The scope of work comprises Technology Advisory, Development and Management of Technology Projects and Private Equity Investments in technology firms.

One of technology sectors which A9C Capital is focusing on is aeronautics and astronautics. It is part of A9C Capital`s mission to bring substantial space activities into the Gulf region, both scientific and business activities.


Bahrain Financial Harbour, East Tower, 11th Floor P.O. Box 60074
Phone: +973 16 536 136
Fax: +973 16 536 001