Center for Innovation in Aerospace Technology (CINAE)

Member since: 2017


The  foundation  Center  for  Innovation  in  Aerospace  Technology  (CINAE)  of  Galicia,  is  a  non -profit  research  & technology organization (non-profit RTO) of interest for the region of Galicia (north-west Spain). It was founded

on  November  27th2015  by  the  University  of  Vigo,  the  Consortium  “Zona  Franca  de  Vigo”,  the  Aeronautical

Asociation-Consortium of Galicia (CAG, Spanish acronym), AIRBUS Defence and Space S.A. (Spain), the Union of

Aeronautical Galician Companies S.L. and Delta Vigo Industries S.L.

CINAE’s main objective is to strengthen, potentiate and improve the competitiveness of the aerospace technology

related to Galician companies, through the achievement of excellence in research and technology development.

It is composed of two main areas: Space Systems Area and UAV Systems Area. The Space Systems Area is mainly

focused  on  the  development  of  innovative  space  systems  and  technology,  based  on  the  utilization  of

nano-satellites. The UAV Systems Area focuses its activities on the development of technology for the utilization and improvement of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV).


Parque empresarial Porto do Molle, C. T. Zona Franca Vigo-Outeiro,