Dnipropetrovsk National University

Member since: 2013


Oles Honchar Dnipropetrovsk National University is one of the leading establishments of higher education in Ukraine. It was founded in 1918, and has 63 agreements with higher education institutes and research centers from many countries of Europe, Asia, the USA, and Canada.

THE FACULTY OF PHYSICS AND TECHNOLOGY of Dnipropetrovsk National University was created in 1951 for specialist education in the field of space-rocket engineering.
The total number of students in the Faculty is about 1250. The annual admittance is 185 students. The teaching is executed by 140 teachers, between them 25 Professors and 75 Associated Professors.

Branches of educational programs and researching:
– Launchers and spacecraft engineering;
– Engines, thrusters and power plants of launchers and spacecraft;
– Control systems of launchers and spacecraft;
– Manufacturing of launchers, rocket engines and spacecraft;
– Development of new materials;
– Space communication systems;
– Devices and systems for nondestructive testing.


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