Global Student Commercial Space Society (GSCSS)

Member since: 2014


The Global Student Commercial Space Society’s (GSCSS) mission is to captivate and engage STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) focused high school / gymnasium students to become advocates for the development of commercial and private space, empowering those students as catalysts for, and future leaders of, a permanent private human presence in space.

Founded by a current high school student attending gymnasium in Finland, the GSCSS will serve as a way of connecting like-minded youth from across the globe to discuss, and promote, their shared vision of the robust, commercially based, and economically viable human settlement of space.

To accomplish this, the GSCSS will publish a semi-annual journal of articles and artworks sourced globally, written and created by international high school students. Using a panel of experts from National Space Agendas, universities, and the private space sector, submissions will be evaluated for inclusion in each semi-annual Journal. Feedback and encouragement will be provided to each student regardless of their ultimate selection for publication. As the Society grows, other events will be developed in partnership with likeminded organizations internationally.


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