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Innovation  in  Communications  and  Space  is  a  startup  effort  that  was  born  out  of  experience  and  knowledge  in  the Telecommunications  and  space  sectors.  We  work  with  our  strategic  partners  to  support  development  of  projects  to fulfil their dreams and goals for the future. Our commitment is to deliver the best in-depth knowledge of the Latin American region to the rest of the world for the Space and Communications sector, acting as the best initial point of contact  to  explore  new  possibilities,  expand  new  markets  or  promote  new  products.  We  currently  are  supporting various  initiatives  based  in  Mexico  focused  on  contributing  in  the  development  of  the  aerospace  and telecommunications sectors. From this strong base we have the potential to involve other Latin American stakeholders to support your initiatives worldwide.


Calle2 N° 2 Int 1002, Col. San Pedro de los Pinos