Internationaler Förderkreis für Raumfahrt – Hermann Oberth – Wernher von Braun e.V.

Member since: 1971


The IFR is forwarding and passing on the ideas and visions of the astronautical pioneers Hermann Oberth, Wernher von Braun and Eugen Sänger, in order to generally promote the dissemination and public acceptance of spaceflight.

Honouring distinguished persons of great merit in the areas of politics, science and economy is an essential constituent of the IFR efforts. Hence, the IFR awards the Hermann Oberth medal, the Wernher von Braun medal, the Hermann Oberth honorary ring and the Wernher von Braun honorary ring for outstanding merits in the field of spaceflight.

The Hermann Oberth junior staff price is awarded to relevant merits of young engineers and scientists within the frame of the world-wide annual IAF conference. The IFR pays attention to activities with and for the young and upcoming generation also in non-academic areas. In this respect should be mentioned: The intention of a “summer academy”, support given to activities of model rocket sports clubs, cultivation of the idea of a museum, as well as maintenance of and care for historically conscious documentation.

The IFR organizes annually an astronautical conference designed for the general public, presenting top level experts from all fields of astronautics: economy, legal issues, medicine and environmental aspects, science, technology, politics and management etc. The objective is to present to the interested citizens, as far as possible, a clear, unbiased and actual picture of astronautics, its potential chances and trends, but also to present a true picture of its limits as given by mother nature and technologies.

The IFR understands its role as representative of the full range of international and not only regional activities and interests. The IFR, by tradition, is obliged to the progress of mankind, to peace and understanding among nations, contributing its share by its activities.

The IFR is a non-profit organisation.


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