Japan Manned Space Systems Corporation (JAMSS)

Member since: 2013


The business operations of Japan Manned Space Systems Corporation (JAMSS) is classified into following four areas. The first is the operation of and user support for “Kibo”,the experiment module run by Japan at the International Space Station(ISS). We take care of training for astronauts staying in “Kibo” ,ground-based management and engineering support, total back-up for experiments aboard “Kibo” ,and support for the operation of the “Kounotori” vehicle that ferries supplies to the International Space Station.
The second is satellite development, management and utilization. We develop and manage satellites, and provide engineer support for new uses of satellites to monitor the earth, prevent and from disasters.
The third is safety and product assurance. We perform detailed evaluations of the safety, reliability and maintainability of parts and equipment to be taken in space, and make recommendations as appropriate.
The fourth is new business development. We are working on research and development projects, in order to help human live comfort ability in space, for the forthcoming manned space missions, and also to make space technology useful in daily life.


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