Polish Academy of Sciences

Member since: 2012


The Polish Academy of Sciences is a state scientific institution founded in 1952. From the very beginning, it has functioned as a learned society acting through an elected corporation of top scholars and research organisations, via its numerous scientific establishments. It has also become a major scientific advisory body through its scientific committees. The activities of the Academy in its present form are regulated by the Parliamentary Act of 30 April 2010.

The Academy is composed of national members (including both full and corresponding members) and foreign members. Membership in the Academy is held for life. The number of national members is set at no more than 350. All members (national and foreign) are elected by the General Assembly from among candidates with the highest scientific achievements and of recognized authority. The names of potential national members are submitted by current national members, the councils of university faculties, and the scientific councils of research establishments in Poland (including the Academy institutes). Foreign members are proposed and elected by the national members. Each member of the Academy is a member of one of the five divisions, according to her or his scientific discipline. Members are responsible for their own scientific activities as well as the statutory tasks of the Academy. The organisational structure of the Academy is comprised of divisions, territorial branches and scientific and task force committees.


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