PRatian LLC

Member since: 2017


PRatian LLC has been working on several projects and attracted several investors already.

  1. Plant Growth on Martian Regolith and Reducing Water Consumption. Study of plant growth under the effects of perchlorates on Martian surface. Also, reducing water consumption by producing an aloe vera and cellulose bead to aid plant growth.
  2. Innovative Transportation Systems for Mars City Innovation of transportation systems for a Mars Design Contest with commercial applications on Earth.
  3. Microgravity Research for Commercial Spaceflight Design an antibacterial system, from naturally occurring products that can be used in the absence of gravity not only for personal hygiene but for equipment safety and as a cleaning agent.
  4. Remote Sensing using CubeSat Platforms Innovative machine learning methods for detecting floods/zika/dengue propagation along with the identification and monitoring of natural resources.
  5. Creation of Caribbean space policies to identify ideal country resources and geographical locations used for research and development of space technologies. Such policies will help structure the space market in the Caribbean.


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