QinetiQ Space nv

Member since: 2011


For more than 40 years QinetiQ space nv (formerly Verhaert Space) has delivered more than 100 instruments, mechanisms and avionics subsystems for manned spaceflight and exploration missions, including full satellite systems.

Our small satellites are fully designed, assembled and tested at our facilities in Kruibeke (near to Antwerp). We offer our customers worldwide turnkey solutions in remote sensing, data networking, science and security applications.

QinetiQ Space offers space mechanisms for docking; separation and one-shot opening mechanisms. We have delivered numerous instruments for scientific research for both manned and unmanned missions. Many of these facilities are used on a daily basis by astronauts on the ISS.

Our in-house developed Data Management Unit is recognised for its small mass and power consumption combined with a very high processing power and memory capacity based on flash technology. Further avionics products include payload computers, radiation spectrometers and RTUs.

In a joint venture with SES we maintain and operate the ESA Redu Ground station, offering customised solutions and services for the operation of telecom, navigation and remote sensing satellites.


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