Category: Industry

Member since: 2009


The SABCA Group comprises the mother company SABCA and a fully-owned subsidiary SABCA Limburg. SABCA is listed on the Brussels Euronext stock market.

The mother company SABCA is active on two locations : the Brussels and Charleroi plants. A vast majority of the 2.400.000 shares belong since 1968 to two important players in the aerospace world: the French Dassault Group on one side and the Dutch Stork Group on the other side.

SABCA is the owner at 99,99 % of SABCA Limburg nv, its subsidiary dedicated to the development and production of advanced composite elements for aircraft and launchers.

SABCA is a majority partner (60%) in ASM Aero, a brand-new assembly plant located in Casablanca, Morocco. ASM Aero will provide low-cost solutions in a very competitive market.

The company also possesses, directly or indirectly, minority interests in holdings or joint ventures linked to its industrial activities.


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