Sitael SpA

Member since: 2011


SITAEL is the largest, Italian, privately-owned Company operating in the Space Sector. It is part of Angelo Investments holding, a worldwide leading Group with over 1000 highly skilled employees and a portfolio of successful high-tech companies, deeply involved in the Transportation and Aerospace markets.

Over the years SITAEL has gained proven skills in the Design, Development and Production of Small Satellites, Optical Payloads, Advanced Propulsion Systems and on board avionics.

SITAEL is able to provide complete solutions for Earth Observation, Telecom and Science missions based on all-electric small satellites and related downstream services.

With over 300 skilled employees and state-of-the-art facilities, SITAEL manages all the phases of development and production, providing leading technologies and services for high-reliability applications.

SITAEL has obtained quality assurance certifications ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, SA8000 and official ESA/NASA standard certifications in order to guarantee highly qualified processes, and increase the quality of products and solutions offered.

With its wide range of developments, SITAEL has successfully taken part in many International Projects (COPERNICUS SENTINELS, SWARM, INTEGRAL, MSL-Curiosity, ExoMARS, PAMELA, AMS-01/AMS-02, CALET, GAIA, ATV, ALMASat-1, Unisat-V) and is currently involved in other International Programmes (MUSIS CSO, Solar Orbiter, MTG, COSMO Skymed 2nd generation, EarthCare, ASTRO-H, ESEO, VERTA, µHETSat) in collaboration with the main Space Players (ESA, NASA, CNES, JAXA, ASI, Thales Alenia Space, AIRBUS Defence & Space, OHB, Leonardo, COM DEV, RSC Energia).

Main production areas are:

  • Small Satellites
    • Micro and Mini Satellite Platforms (50-300 Kg)
    • Platform sub-systems
    • Separation Systems
    • Applications and Downstream services
  • Advanced Propulsion
    • Electric Propulsion
    • Chemical Propulsion
    • Vacuum Test Systems Services and Production
  • Instruments and Avionics
    • Instruments Integration and Advanced Sensors Development
    • On board Power Drive and Control systems
    • On board Data Handling/Processing and Communication Systems
    • Ground Support Equipment, Test Equipment and Development Systems
    • Rad-tolerant Analog and Mixed Signal ASIC and digital IP cores for rad-hard FPGAs




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