Telespazio S.p.A.

Member since: 1987


Telespazio, a 67/33 joint venture between Finmeccanica and Thales, is one of the world’s leading players in satellite services.
The company, headquartered in Rome, Italy, employs approximately 2500 people and relies on an international network of space centers and teleports. Telespazio operates worldwide through its many subsidiaries. More specifically, it is present: in France with Telespazio France; Germany with Telespazio VEGA Deutschland, GAF and Spaceopal (a 50/50 joint venture with DLR, the German Space Agency); in the United Kingdom with Telespazio VEGA United Kingdom; in Spain with Telespazio Ibérica; in Hungary with Telespazio Hungary and in Romania with Rartel. Telespazio has consolidated its presence in South America through Telespazio Brasil and Telespazio Argentina. It operates in the USA via Telespazio North America. In Italy, the company is also present through e-GEOS (in which the Italian Space Agency, ASI, holds a 20% interest).

Telespazio is a leading company in sectors that are becoming increasingly important to public institutions, business operators and consumers. Its activities range from the design and development of space systems to the management of launch services and in-orbit satellite control, from Earth observation services, integrated communications, satellite navigation and localization, to scientific programs.
The company now covers the whole space market value chain through its four business units: Satellite Systems & Applications, Satellite Operations, Geoinformation and Networks & Connectivity. Telespazio responds to new demands in the satellite services market with innovative ideas and solutions. Today, more than ever, Telespazio is a true innovator, transforming what were once just possibilities into real services available to an increasingly wide audience worldwide. Telespazio relies on a wealth of experience of the highest level, stemming from technological expertise acquired over 50 years of business practice.
The company’s experience is also drawn from the management of space infrastructure – including the Fucino Space Centre, the world’s largest civilian teleport – as well as from its involvement in major space programmes, including Galileo, EGNOS, GMES, COSMO-SkyMed, SICRAL and Göktürk.


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