The British Interplanetary Society

Member since: 1951


The British Interplanetary Society (BIS) is Britain’s leading think tank on space development. Founded in 1933, it is the world’s longest established organization devoted solely to supporting and promoting the exploration of space and astronautics.

The BIS is financially independent, has charitable status, and obtains its main income from a worldwide membership. The British Interplanetary Society is devoted to initiating, promoting and disseminating new concepts and technical information about space flight and astronautics through meetings, symposia, publications, visits and exhibitions.The BIS played a leading role in creating the International Astronautical Federation, (IAF). The IAF was effectively born in London in September 1951 at the second IAF Congress; the first was a preliminary meeting in Paris the previous year. The IAF Congresses have become extremely important in bringing together delegates from many nations to discuss and share ideas.


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