Future Space Leaders Foundation

Member since: 2013


The Future Space Leaders Foundation was established in 2012 to:
• Advance learning and professional enrichment of young space professionals and future leaders pursuing careers in the fields of space and satellites.
• Stimulate the professional growth and enhancement of future space professionals and to foster international cooperation and interaction among current leaders in the space field with graduate students and young professionals seeking to pursue careers in the fields of space and satellites.
• Assist graduate students and young professionals in attending space and satellite industry conferences and events through scholarships covering legitimate travel and registration related expenses.
• Organize fundraising activities and solicit donations to build scholarship funds for the purposes stated in section 3.3.
• Cooperate with the International Astronautical Foundation (“IAF”) and other nonprofit organizations in supporting and encouraging the participation of graduate students and young professionals in space and satellite related conferences by establishing and administering scholarships, awards and organizing special events.
• Improve international understanding of civil, national security and commercial space activities.
• Work with other nonprofit and commercial entities in the space and satellite related fields to organize events and activities that seek to further the goals of the Foundation


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