United Rocket and Space Corporation

Member since: 2014


The URSC was created on March, 2014 as a result of the national space industry restructuring effort. It is 100 % state-owned and includes most of the Russian space industry enterprises: 10 large integrated structures built of 48 smaller companies and 14 separate firms, of these 8 JSC’s and 6 Federal Unitary Enterprises (to be privatized as 100-% state-owned JSC’s). And the main goals of the URSC are:

– To integrate rocket and space industry companies in a single integrated structure and implement the centralized management;

– To develop technical and manufacturing capabilities, to attract and concentrate intellectual, industrial, financial and other resources required for the implementation of priority programs for rocket and space technology development, to enhance the competitiveness of the national rocket and space technology in the world market;

– To develop and implement an unified corporate industrial policy;

– To maintain and develop the scientific and industrial potential of the URSC and its subsidiaries;

– To draw an income, including dividends in stocks of affiliated subsidiaries.


Berezhkovskaya Embankment, 22