University of Naples “Federico II”

Member since: 2011


The Department of Aerospace Engineering of the University of Naples Federico II has a long tradition dating its roots back in 1926, when the Laboratory of Aeronautical Structures was established by Gen. Prof. Umberto Nobile, famous designer, pilot of airships and polar explorer.

The new Department of Aerospace Engineering has been started, 1 January 2007, as a result of cooperative collaboration of previous academic institutions active in the fields of aeronautics and space sciences.

More than eighty years of continuing research and developments have built a solid and accredited tradition of excellence based upon a strong relationship between the academic community, the aerospace industry and the research centers, locally and internationally. The Department of Aerospace Engineering plays an important role in the European Scientific Community through a continuous contribution to the most important European funded research projects; furthermore stable collaborations with the most important European and US Universities are the witness of an established tradition of education of aerospace sciences.

The mission of the Department of Aerospace Engineering is:

  • to perform research and developments throughout all the aerospace disciplines
  • to contribute to the best training of future aerospace engineers
  • to establish an effective and direct link with graduate and undergraduate students
  • to maintain the technical and scientific state of the art for the aerospace community
  • to develop and to improve the reputation of its laboratories.

Main research activities in the Space field deal with Microgravity, Aerothermodynamics, Space Systems and Remote Sensing.


Piazzale V. Tecchio 80