Committee on Developing Countries and Emerging Communities (ACDCEC)

Committee Members


MUNSAMI Valanathan


Martinez Peter




• Gaggero Martha


• Pham Anh Tuan


Le Franc Jean-Pascal

ONODA Masami

• Cox Lis

Feustel-Büechl Jörg

• Azelton Krystal

• Volp Jim


DECOOPMAN Clémentine

BRUN Kammy

• Aukkaravittayapun Suparerk

• Roman m. Alejandro J.

• Campos abad Matias Franciso

• Vongsantivanich Wasanchai



• Aillon Robert

General Objectives

The objectives of the ACDCEC are to:

  • a) Involve stronger participation of developing countries and emerging nations in IAF activities,
  • b) Provide knowledge and expertise support to these countries and nations,
  • c) Produce tangible benefits for these countries and nations, and
  • d) Cooperate with other IAF Committees and counter parts in the IAA, IISL and SGAC.

General Responsibilities

The ACDCEC will promote international cooperation in space, disseminate related technical information, conduct studies on subjects of international interest, publish papers and reports, and organize symposia and sessions at the annual congresses or outside with a view to achieving the aforementioned general objectives.

Scope of Work

The scope of work covers the following workstreams:

1. Political support

  • (a) Continue and strengthen dedicated sessions targeting Parliamentarians and Ministers, with a special emphasis on emerging nations.
  • (b) Use the IAF networks to collate case studies that demonstrate the benefits of investments in space that target political support within emerging nations.

2. Financial support

  • (a) For the IAF to consider a more cost-effective model for participation of experts from emerging nations at IAF events and activities.
  • (b) Use the IAF platform to work with strategic partners to introduce initiatives that involve emerging nations who could work collectively to offset the inhibitive cost and sharing the collective benefits.

3. Technology readiness level

  • (a) Introduce IAF sessions that have a particular focus on the advancements in space technology platforms with a special focus on the underlying factors needed to ensure optimal technology readiness levels.
  • (b) Introduce a regional biennial IAF Conference for emerging nations that is correctly pitched to address and inform the challenges they currently face.

4. Human Capital

  • (a) Identify and implement Plenaries and IAF Global Networking Forums (IAF GNFs) that target the developmental challenges of emerging nations and the potential solutions to unblock these challenges.
  • (b) Introduce a mentorship development programme that helps create champions within emerging countries that can be mentored by IAF members to assist in the development of national space initiatives.

5. Infrastructure

  • (a) As part of the regional biennial IAF Conference proposed under technology readiness level, particular focus must also be given on the infrastructure challenges faced by emerging nations.
  • (b) Work with partner organizations to identify global opportunities for infrastructure development at a national and regional level.