IAF Global Networking Forum (GNF)

IAF Global Networking Forum. Meet. Share. Connect.

In line with the IAF motto “Connecting @ll Space People” and its mission of promoting partnerships in the space community, advancing international development, sharing knowledge and preparing the workforce of tomorrow, the Federation felt the need to create a global, comprehensive and appealing platform, targeting young professionals, students, experts, decision and policy makers and all actors that could contribute to the networking spirit of such platform.

Hence, the Federation developed the concept of the IAF Global Networking Forum (GNF) and was proud to introduce it during the IAC 2012 in Naples. Given the IAF’s diverse stakeholder portfolio, the activities of the Federation are tailored according to their respective needs. Not only at the IAC, but also during the IAF Spring Meetings and other partner events, the GNF format is successfully used to promote cooperation in the space community.

Help us foster the interaction and the discussion with small & medium-sized enterprises, R&D institutions, universities and larger organisations through the IAF Global Networking Forum.

We are waiting for your ideas!


For more information on how to submit your GNF Session, please contact us at gnf@iafastro.org

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