KEYNOTE LECTURE 1: ESA’s Vision for the International Cooperation on the Moon

Tuesday 6, 16:15 – 16:45
Location: Beijing International Convention Center – Hall 2

International cooperation means sharing views, joining forces, taking stock of complementarity and diversity, building on each other’s interests, strengths and capabilities. The Moon is open to any and all interested parties and nations. All disciplines are concerned: from robotic to astronauts activities, from science to applications, from looking in to looking out at our Universe. From a scientific perspective, the Moon is truly fascinating. Be it as the natural archive of Earth’searly history or be it as a viewing platform using its far side to stare deep into the Universe without any interference from human made signals. From a technological perspective, it offers a test bed for new methods and new technologies, such as additive manufacturing, that could potentially make use of locally available resources. The concept of a Moon Village should be a source of fascination and inspiration, an opportunity to awaken renewed interest in STEM subjects, with benefits being felt well beyond the world of space. International cooperation bring interested parties together seeking for coordinationand exploitation of potential synergies. Moon Village is not a single project, nor a fixed plan with a defined time table. It’s a vision for an open architecture and an international community initiative.



Former Director General, European Space Agency (ESA)