Commercial Nano-Satellites Constellation – The SAS Story

Monday 25 September 2017, 15:15 – 16:15
Location: Adelaide Convention Center – Hall C & D

Marcel Proust once said that “Discovery consists not in seeking new lands but in seeing with new eyes“. The core business of Sky and Space Global (SAS) is to construct a communication infrastructure based on nanosatellite technology and to develop software systems that will deploy, maintain orbit control and handle communication code between each of the nanosatellites to provide global coverage once a sufficient global network of nanosatellites is deployed.

This technology will allow telecom operators and connectivity service providers to deliver affordable narrow-band services to remote locations that do not have access to reliable and affordable connectivity services. It will deliver significant cost-efficiencies for the telecoms industry and more affordable connectivity and data services for people and businesses in these regions.

A low-orbit constellation allows straightforward communication with the satellites, fast download and upload times and easier imaging than at higher orbits, and their low cost is continuing to drive them forward.

Offering such an innovative service is particularly vital in today’s digital market. As the world is becoming increasingly interconnected, the demand for affordable connectivity is growing dramatically. This growth is partially driven by the increasing adoption of mobile technology in emerging markets and by the growing demand for data.

Despite the rapid adoption of communication technology across the world, there are still almost 3 billion people living without affordable mobile coverage in emerging markets. This creates a huge demand for connectivity services in remote locations, across the Equatorial Belt, as well as in maritime and airborne sectors. The mobile market is a key player in enabling companies to reach new customers and offer new services and the mobile industry can also create a lot of new jobs in these markets, but for the full potential of mobile communications to be realized, the citizens of these countries need cost-effective access to mobile networks, to affordable devices and data services.

The ability to provide mobile coverage in remote locations is vital for building a healthy information infrastructure in developing countries where poor connectivity is a barrier to education, healthcare, business growth and economic prosperity. Nano-satellites have so far been utilized in the earth observation domain as part of commercial business models, mostly controlled by small-satellite operators. However, no company other than SAS is utilizing the nano-satellite narrow-band connectivity, while also disrupting the existing markets and services with unique technology and business model.


Meir Moalem

CEO & Managing Director, Sky and Space Global (UK) Ltd

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